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The LEGO Matrix is a video game released in August 2013. It is co-produced by TT Games, WB Games, Yukes Future Media Creators and Japanese anime house Studio 4C•, with WB Games also serving as publisher.

It is based on the Matrix Film Trilogy and other subsequent media written and directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski.


Game Schematic

LEGO The Matrix looks and plays in a similar vein to LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, in that it features a massive metropolis for Neo and other characters to explore. The entire game world allows for free roaming to wherever, which is a very good thing considering that hidden surprises will be abundant this time around. Players  not only relive all of the epic action sequences from the three films, but they can also visit (or re-visit) numerous plotlines from The Animatrix and play' 'through a handful of all-new game sequences created exclusively for this title!

Hub World

The secondary hubworld for Lego The Matrix is on-board the Nebuchadnezzar hovercraft. A good number of power-ups and upgrades can be purchased here whereas nearly everything else can be found hidden within Mega City, which, of course, serves as the main hubworld. Most of the gameplay also takes place in Mega City.

Plot Summary

The Matrix/Reloaded/Revolutions

Thomas A. Anderson, a computer software programming genius, believes that something is desparately wrong with the world around him...something is just not right, but he cannont put his finger on what it is. Anderson is doing his best to solve this and a few other mysteries when one night, he gets a strange message on his computer screen. "Wake up, Neo..follow the white rabbit." Anderson doesn't know what any of this means until he meets a woman named Trinity at a club while out with his friends. Trinity begins telling Thomas that she knows why he is "here," and why he constantly stays awake night after night doing online research...he is looking for an answer to a question. Trinity cryptically tells Thomas that the answer is out there, and it will find him if he allows it to. The following day, Anderson is late for work and gets told off by his boss about his repeated cycle of arriving late to work. But that is not the least of Anderson's problems: a delivery man drops off a cell phone and it rings the moment Thomas takes it out of its package. The one on the other end of the line is the man for whom Thomas Anderson has been searching all this time: the elusive Morpheus. The mysterious fellow warns Tom that he is in danger.."they" are after him. When Anderson sees a few men who look more like federal agents than anything else heading for his office cubicle, Morpheus offers to help him escape. The "agents" are after him, because he has spoken to Morpheus; they consider Morpheus to be a very dangerous man; and Morpheus believes that Anderson (alias "Neo") is "The One." Of what? Why are the agents so interested in him?? Not wanting to chance finding out the agents' true purpose, Thomas takes up Morpheus's offer to help him. He is led to an empty conference room where he must then attempt to get to the roof via a window scaffold! Anderson must choose whether to risk the scaffold and avoid the agents, or submit to fear for his life and surrender. Neo does not yet realize just how important he has become...

What awaits Neo is a long and fierce find the truth!


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