LEGO The Mummy is a videogame based on the three Mummy films...

The Mummy

The Mummy Returns

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


The gameplay in LEGO The Mummy is similar to other LEGO games as the player can control multiple different characters in levels (each with unique abilities) and will have to build things out of lego in order to proceed. However, this game has several new features such as a game hub for every film, rather than one big hub. The main new feature is the weapons, the game has lots of weapons (Swords,Guns, Spears etc.) and only certain characters can use these types of weapons (E.g. Rick O'onnel can use guns but Imhotep can not). Character can carry multiple weapons and items at a time which they store in their inventory (similar to LEGO Lord of the Rings or LEGO Harry Potter).

The Game Hub

LEGO The Mummy features three game hubs (one for each film) instead of one big hub. They are;

For The Mummy, the hub is the Cairo Museum

For The Mummy Returns, the hub is the O'Connel Mansion

For Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the hub is Imhotep's (the night club not the mummy)

The player can travel between each of these hubs after they are unlocked (by completing the previous movie)

The Mummy

Chapter 1: The Battle of Hamunaptra

Summary: Defend Hamunaptra from the Medjai attackers

Location: Hamunaptra

Characters: Rick O'Connell (Soldier), Beni Gabor (Soldier)

Enemies: Medjai, Medjai (Gunner)

Boss: Ardeth Bay (6 hearts)

Chapter 2: Down The Nile

Summary: Save Evelyn and escape the Medjai attack on the boat

Location: A Barge (on the River Nile)

Characters: Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, Burns, Daniels, Henderson, Evelyn Carahan (Night Gown)

Enemies: Medjai, Medjai (Gunner)

Boss: Ardeth Bay (6 hearts)

Chapter 3: Imhotep Unleashed

Summary: Escape the tombs whilst being chased by Imhotep and swarms of scarabs

Location: Hamunaptra, Tombs

Characters: Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, Evelyn Carahan

Enemies: Scarabs

Boss: Imhotep (Mummy)

Chapter 4: Imhotep's Plagues

Summary: Escape Cairo whilst fighting Imphotep's slaves aswell as dodging fireballs and swarms of Locusts

Location: Cairo Museum, Streets of Cairo

Characters: Rick O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, Evelyn Carahan, Ardeth Bay, Terrence Bey (Medjai)

Vehicles: Car 1, Car 2

Enemies: Locusts, Slaves

Boss: Beni Gabor (4 hearts), Imhotep (Cairo) (6 hearts)

Chapter 5: Flight across the Desert

Summary: Fly to across the desert whilst dodging sand storms

Location: The Desert

Vehicles: Plane 1, Plane 2

Enemies: Sandstorm

Boss: Sand Face (8 hearts)

Chapter 6: Return to Hamunaptra

Summary: Head into the tombs to rescue Evelyn and to kill Imhotep by taking away his mortality

Location: Hamunaptra, Tombs

Characters: Rick O'Connel, Ardeth Bay, Jonathan Carnahan, Evelyn Carahan (Sacrifice)

Enemies: Scarabs, Imhotep's Priests, Mummy Warriors

Boss: Anck-Su-Namun (Mummy) (4 hearts), Imhotep (8 hearts)

The Mummy Returns

Chapter 1: In the tombs

Summary: Find the bracelet whilst avoiding the evil treasure hunters and dangerous traps

Location: Tombs

Characters: Rick O'Connel, Evelyn Carahan, Alex O'Connel (Child)

Enemies: Treasure Hunters

Boss: Red (3 hearts), Jacques (3 hearts), Spivey (3 hearts)

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