LEGO Time Riders: Missions 1-4 is a LEGO game based on the popular Time Riders book series by Alex Scarrow, released for PC, Mac, Playstation 3, PSP, PS Vita, Playstation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One and IOS. The game is based on the first four Time Riders books 'Time Riders', 'Day of the Predator', 'The Doomsday Code' and 'The Eternal War'.

Hub World

The hub world in the game is 2001 New York both before and after the Twin Towers crash. The day changes back and forth each time you visit the hub world after completing a level. Both days feature different side quests. New York is a fully explorable hub, allowing you to visit landmark locations such as Times Square, the Statue Of Liberty and, of course, the Twin Towers.

Levels can be accessed from the field office computers, where you are also able to buy characters and vehicles.

Time Riders

The Titanic

The Titanic is sinking. Inside the Titanic, Liam O' Connor runs down a corridor to find a old man waiting for him. The old man is Foster, who tells Liam to grab his hand.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Foster

Boss: Ocean water

Bombs On A Plane

In 2010, Maddy Carter is onboard a plane where she finds a old man by the name of Foster waiting for her. Foster tells her there is a terrorist on the flight and that the plane is about to crash. He offers to save her from her death; if she grabs his hand, she will survive.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Foster

Enemies: Terrorists

The Arch

Liam O' Connor, Maddy Carter and Saleena Vikram awake in a archway in 2001 New York. Foster offers them coffee and explains to them their purpose: to make sure history takes the right course and prevent other time travellers from changing it.

Foster discovers a Seeker in the field office.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram, Foster

Enemies: Seekers


Foster introduces the team to their final member, Bob (a support unit who has been grown in a 'growth tank'). Foster leaves the team to get used to their new member, however Bob soon turns against them.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram

Boss: Bob

Bob does not turn evil in the book, however in this adaptation this is included to give the players something to do in the level.

2066 New York

Meanwhile, in 2066 New York Paul Kramer is leading his team of commandoes to the National History Museum. They are looking for Roald Waldstein's time machine; their aim is to change history so humanity doesn't end up in the environmental mess of 2066. Kramer's team accidentally set off a alarm and security guards appear.

Playable: Kramer, Max

Enemies: Security guards

The National History Museum

With the security guards tied up in the corner, Kramer sends a guard they decided not to tie up, Bradley Malone, to threaten the police to obey their commands.

Kramer and his team carry some equipment down to the museum basement, where they find Waldstein's time machine. They begin to send equipment back in time to World War 2 but are interrupted by the arrival of the police.

Playable: Kramer, Max

Enemies: Police


Back in 2001, Foster gives the team their job roles. Sal is the team's 'Observer', looking for any changes in the timeline and time waves. Maddy is the leader of the team, making all the decisions and using the computer to send her team back in time. Liam is the team's time traveller, who is expected to travel to the different time periods with Bob in order to put a end to whoever is trying to change time.

Foster, Liam O' Connor and Bob travel back to 22nd November 1963 Dallas as a training exercise to stop John F Kennedy's assassination so Maddy and Sal can spot any changes to the time line in 2001 and work out where Liam and co are.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Foster, Bob

Enemies: Assassins

Boss: Lee Harvey Oswald

Bavarian Woods

As Maddy and Sal track down Liam O' Connor and co and bring them back to 2001, in 1941 Kramer and his team are in Bavarian Woods about to lead a assault on Obersalzberg.

Playable: Kramer, Max

Enemies: Nazis

Der Kehlstenhaus

Kramer and his team manage to fight their way into Der Kehlstenhaus, where  SS Leibstandarte detachments are waiting for them.

Playable: Kramer, Max

Enemies: SS Leibstandarte detachments

Alternate New York

Maddie and Sal are wandering around 2001 New York when Sal experiences a time wave.

Passers-by wander around wearing red Uroboros armbands.

Playable: Saleena Vikram, Maddy Carter

Enemies: Passers-by

In the first Time Riders book, Sal is on her own. For the purposes of this LEGO game, however, she is with Maddy to make two player co-op possible.

The White House

Maddy and Sal work out that the alterations to time occured in World War 2 America. They send Liam and Bob back to stop the changes to time being made; Liam and Bob find Nazis confronting Americans in the White House.

Playable: Liam, Bob

Enemies: The Nazis


Liam is carried away to a concentration camp with the Americans.

Playable: Liam, American prisoner

Enemies: The Nazis

Finding Liam

Five months later, Bob is searching for the concentration camp containing Liam with a American who managed to escape from the White House.

Playable: Bob, American

Enemies: Nazi guards

The Apocalypse

Elsewhere, Kramer sets off a weapon of mass destruction. This turns 2001 New York into a apocalyptic wasteland. Maddy, Sal and Foster explore this new world and find hideous mutated creatures occupy the land.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram, Foster

Enemies: Mutated creatures

A Message Across Time

Maddy, Sal and Foster travel across the wasteland to the Natural History Museum in order to see if Liam and Bob left any messages for them. They browse through the guest book and find a note from Liam and Bob containing their exact coordinates.

As they make their way back to the archway, Sal is snatched away from them by one of the mutated creatures.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Foster

Enemies: Mutated creatures

Back To....Safety?

Maddy and Foster find their way back to the archway without Sal. However, the mutated creatures manage to find them.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Foster

Enemies: Mutated creatures

Back From The Past

Foster opens the portal for Liam and Bob. They step through to find the mutated creatures in their base of operations.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram, Foster

Enemies: Mutated creatures

Before Kramer

Maddy opens a portal in World War 2 hours before Kramer arrives. Liam O' Connor and Bob walk to the forest where Kramer arrives with his team and wait. Seconds later, Kramer appears.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob

Enemies: Kramer's team

Boss: Kramer

Day of the Predator

Out Of The Frying Pan

2029 Mumbai. Saleena Vikram is trapped in a burning building with her family. Foster appears and asks Sal to grab his hand.

Playable: Foster, Saleena Vikram

Boss: Fire

Jurassic Times

Maddy and Liam arrive in 1906 San Francisco to collect some new foetuses. They visit the bank where the foetuses are stored, where Maddy finds a message telling her about Pandora. They arrive back in 2001 New York.

The next day, they receive a tachyon message informing them that a change in time has occured. This has been caused by the assassination of Edward Chan; a assassination which prevents the discovery of time travel.Liam and the newly grown embryo Becks are sent forward in time to join a teenage Edward Chan on a school trip to the Texas Advanced Energy Research Institute. A tour guide leads them around the institute. A explosion erupts, sending Edward Chan, his teacher and the other school kids back to prehistoric times.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Becks, Edward Chan

Enemies: Dinosaurs

The Search For Foster

Upset that she caused the explosion, Maddy storms out of the archway and searches for Foster. Sal joins her.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Salenna Vikram

Enemies: Rather than enemies, this level contains broken minifigures to build in order to determine whether or not they are Foster.

Sal does not join Maddy in the book, however for the purposes of this game Sal is a playable character in this level.

Cretacious Camp

Two days later, Liam and company have created a camp in the prehistoric wilderness and assigned one another roles within the camp. One student, Juan, is a hunter, whereas two of the campmates are dinosaur experts and another is the group's medic.

Some of the group explore the woods with Liam.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Franklyn

Enemies: Dinosaurs

Supporting Death

The group returns to camp to find Becks trying to kill one of the students, Laura.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Franklyn

Boss: Becks


Liam O' Connor comes up with a idea on how to communicate with Maddy and Sal back in 2001 New York. He decides to create fossils.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Becks

Enemies: Dinosaurs, beasts

Boss: Alamosaurus


After Liam buries the fossil, he engages in a conversation with Howard Goodall (who was among the school children on the trip). During their conversation, a large sea creature appears.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Howard Goodall

Boss: Sea creature

A Broken Claw

On the way back to camp, Franklyn is cornered by a intelligent predator species led by the species' leader Broken Claw.

Playable: Franklyn, Becks, Liam O' Connor

Enemies: Predators

Boss: Broken Claw

Death By Raptor

On the way back to camp, Broken Claw's gang kill Franklyn. Liam and the rest of the group set up camp a few miles away from their base and talk about the intelligent dinosaurs.

Back in 2001, the fossil containing the jurassic era date is discovered by a secret US agency called 'The Club'. The Club sends their main inspector Lester Cartwright to take the message to the Time Riders.

Maddy and Sal find themselves confronted by Lester.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram

Boss: Lester Cartwright


Maddy and Sal are interrogated by Lester, where Sal tells him they only have half an hour before Computer Bob self destructs. Lester Cartwright and Agent Forby escort Maddy and Sal back to the archway, where they expeirnece a major time wave. New York becomes a jungle full of humanoid-reptilian creatures.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram, Lester Cartwright, Forby

Enemies: Humanoid-reptillian creatures

Nobody Home

Meanwhile, Liam, Becks and co return to a deserted camp. They use a windmill the group had built earlier to give Maddy a signal she can lock onto. However, the creatures soon begin to invade their camp.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Becks

Enemies: Predators

Death By Dinosaur

One of the students is killed by a dinosaur.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Becks

Enemies: Predators

Escape To 2001

A portal opens and Liam and co return to 2001. Two of the predators follow them.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Becks, Maddy Carter, Sal Vikram

Enemies: Predators

Back To The Past

Maddy sends Becks and Sal back to the Prehistoric Era to kill Broken Claw and his pack.

Playable: Becks, Saleena Vikram

Enemies: Predators

Boss: Broken Claw

In the book, only Becks is sent to the Prehistoric Era. The LEGO version adds Saleena to the mix to allow a second player to join in.


Meanwhile, Maddy also decides to send herself and Liam O' Connor back to 1941 in order to correct the time contamination.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Liam O' Connor

Enemies: Nazis

The Doomsday Code

The Manuscript Movie

On the way back from a concert, Sal feels a time wave occurring. The team find a poster advertising a movie called The Voynich Manuscript starring Leonardo De'Caprio outside a cinema.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram, Liam O' Connor

Adam's Dormitory

Back at the archway, they find out The Voynich Manuscript is a ancient document yet to be decoded and that a blogger by the name of Adam has decoded a section of the manuscript. Maddy and Becks travel back to 1994 and visit Adam's messy dormitory. Adam explains how he decoded part of the message on a school trip to South America; he tells them the message contains his name. Maddy and Becks decide they have heard enough and make to leave, however Adam tries to prevent them from going anywhere.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Becks

Boss: Adam Lewis


Adam finds Maddy's concert ticket on the floor of his dormitory. It is dated for a concert seven years into the future. Curious, Adam manages to track Maddy and Becks down in 2001 seven years later.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Saleena Vikram, Liam O' Connor, Becks

Boss: Adam Lewis

Nottingham 1194

Maddy decides Adam can stay and sends Liam, Becks and a newly-grown Bob back to 1194. There, they encounter a man called Cabot. Bob tells him that King Richard will return to England in five months. Cabot advises they track down King Richard's brother John to help him collect the Holy Grail. Liam travels to Nottingham, where he finds out John is in Oxford. Once Liam reaches Oxford, John makes Liam the new Sheriff of Nottingham and sends him on a journey to find the current Sheriff in Nottingham. Becks stays behind at the demands of John.

When they arrive, however, they find that Nottingham's citizens are rioting.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob, Cabot

Enemies: Rioters

The Holy Grail

Liam and company find the current Sheriff of Nottingham slumped unconscious on a table inside his hut. Eventually he comes round from his drunken state. Bob carries the Sheriff onto his bed and Liam takes over his duties as the new Sheriff.

He puts squire Eddie in charge of his men.

Bob recieves a tachyon message from Maddy telling them to prevent the 'Great Peasant Revolt' from happening.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob, Cabot

Enemies: Rioters


The next morning, Eddie and Bob are training the new soldiers.

Playable: Eddie, Bob

Enemies: Soldiers

Under Fire

Eddie and Liam are having a conversation when their soldiers are attacked by bows and arrows.

Playable: Liam, Eddie

Enemies: Archers

Boss: The Hood

A Fog of Thudding Agony

Liam awakes underneath a tree branch. The Hood's men find him; one calls a man by the name of 'Mr Locke' over who proceeds to kick Liam and inform him he knows he is awake. He demands his head cut off. Liam looks up as a executioner prepares to behead him. He reveals to the executioner that he is from the future, sparking the interest of a time traveller from the future.

Playable: James Locke, Henchman

Boss: Executioner

The Head Remains

Liam regains conciousnesss to find himself in a dark room. The time traveller introduces himself as James Locke and confronts Liam about his time traveller reveal. Liam tells him he comes from 2001 and James explains how the world is dying in the century he is from.

James introduces him to his support unit Rex (who has taken on the alias of The Hood) and warns that Rex will attack Liam if he tries to escape.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, James Locke

Boss: Rex

Another training session

Back at Nottingham Castle, Bob is still training the new soldiers. He promotes one of them, Jethro Longstreet, to 'garrison commander of the castle' for the duration of the time he is gone.

Playable: Bob, Jethro Longstreet

Enemies: Soldiers

Oxford Castle

Becks awakes in Oxford Castle to the sounds of raised voices. John tells her that Richard has arrived in England. He believes King Richard will make his way to Oxford immediately. Becks advises they leave.

Playable: Becks, John

Enemies: Crowd

Looking for a O'Connor

Bob and a soldier search for Liam O' Connor on horseback.

Playable: Bob, soldier

In the book, Bob searches for Liam on his own.

Finding Liam

Bob and the soldier find Liam O' Connor having breakfast with James Locke. James orders his men to attack.

Playable: Bob, soldier, Liam O' Connor

Enemies: Henchmen

Boss: James Locke

Bob-in Hood

The Hood jumps down from a tree branch and turns to face Bob.

Playable: Bob, soldier, Liam O' Connor

Boss: The Hood

The Not-So Merry Men

Liam and Bob (disguised as The Hood) enter James Locke's camp. James Locke's men chuck horse dung at Liam.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob

Enemies: Henchmen

Boss: James Locke

James Locke flees

James Locke runs away from Liam and Bob. They chase after him.

Enemies: Henchmen

On Locke's Trail

Liam and Bob manage to track down James Locke. He spots them, jumps off the cart and runs away with a small wooden box.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob

Boss: James Locke

In the book, Liam O' Connor leaves Bob here.

Back To Nottingham

Liam and Bob arrive back in Nottingham. Some soldiers step in front, blocking their path.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob

Enemies: Soldiers

Back At The Castle

Liam and Bob enter Nottingham Castle to find Becks and John waiting for them. Liam tells John he has the Holy Grail. John is relieved; Becks steps forward and tells him to calm down.

John notices Bob's broken arm and demands a guard to take Bob to the Garrison’s Apothecary. Once Bob's gone, John reveals his desire to surrender to Richard now he has the Holy Grail. However, Becks tells him it's a bad idea and that he should rest. Becks then gestures Liam to join her in the corridor, where she tells of how the Holy Grail is supposed to be lost and asks Liam to make a decision: either take the documents to Kirklees or destroy them.

Becks sets off with the documents to see Cabot. She asks Cabot to travel with her to 2001. He agrees. They head towards a field.

Playable: Becks, Cabot

Enemies: Soldiers

Gone Is The Grail

Back in Nottingham Castle, Liam O' Connor tells John that Becks has fled with the Holy Grail. They walk to the gates of Nottingham with Bob and confront Richard and his army.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, John, Bob

Enemies: Richard's army

Boss: King Richard the Lionheart

Assault of Nottingham

Richard's soldiers fire a dozen rounded boulders over the city wall.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Bob

Enemies: Richard's army

Return To 1194

Becks and Cabot arrive back in 1194, where they are accused of being spies.

Playable: Becks, Cabot

Enemies: Soldiers, monks, citizens

The Eternal War

2044 New York

In 2044, Joseph Oliveiria and friend are making their way to Roald Waldstein's current residence in New York.

Playable: Joseph Oliveiria, friend

Enemy: Rising sea tide

In the book, Joseph Oliveiria visits Roald Waldstein (who, like in the game, offers him a job) on his own.

Where's My Lincoln Burger?

Meanwhile in 2001 New York, Liam O' Connor tries to order five Lincoln Burgers at a cafe only to be told they're not on the menu (despite being on the menu previously). The team return to the archway and find out time has been changed so a young Abraham Lincoln dies before he becomes thr US president. Maddy decides to send Liam, Bob and Sal to New Orleans 1831 to save Abraham Lincoln.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Saleena Vikram, Bob

Enemies: Distillery wagons

Save Abraham Lincoln from being run over by a distillary wagon.

Well, there's the 'Lincoln'....

Abraham Lincoln follows Liam, Sal and Bob back to 2001 New York. Bob knocks him unconscious.

They decide to send Abraham Lincoln back to his own time to prevent further time contamination, however Abraham Lincoln escapes into New York.

Playable: Bob, Becks

Find Abraham Lincoln

Presidental Arrest

Abraham Lincoln is arrested and taken into custody. He refers to the Twin Towers crash after seeinf it on Maddy's computer and as such is taken to a FBI facility in Virginia. Maddy finds out about Abraham Lincoln's arrest and sends Liam, Sal and Bob via a time portal to rescue Abraham Lincoln.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Saleena Vikram, Bob, Abraham Lincoln

Enemies: FBI Agents

The Eternal War

They escape the FBI and find a new time wave has occuredd. In this new timeline, the Civil War is still ongoing.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Saleena Vikram, Bob, Abraham Lincoln

Enemies: Soldiers

Crater Danger

The Time Riders archway falls into a crater. Maddy and Becks leave and decide to explore their surroundings.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Becks

Enemies: Soldiers

No More Portals

After their exploration of this new reality (complete with zepellins ), Maddy and Becks head back inside the archway and discover majority of their equipment is broken, meaning they cannot open any more time portals at this time.

Maddy and Becks leave the archway again and takes shelter in a abandoned building.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Becks

Enemies: Union soldiers

In the book, Maddy leaves the archway on her own.

The Dead City

Liam, Bob, Sal and Abraham Lincoln attempt to hitchhike a lift to New York from a chinese man. The man agrees to take them to New Pittsburgh. He drops them off at a junction and they head to a village, where they decide to stay for the time being.

A creature grabs Bob's shotgun. Bob chases after the creature. Whilst Bob is gone, more creatures emerge.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Saleena Vikram, Abraham Lincoln

Enemies: Eugenics

The British Empire

Sal and Abraham Lincoln are taken captive by the creatures. Bob returns to find Liam on his own and realises the shotgun grabbing was a distraction.

A air vehicle arrives outside the house and British soldiers enter with their leader Captain Ewan McManus, who explains he has been tracking down the creatures.He says the creatures are 'Eugenics'. They are artificially created for rudimentary, laborious work in farms and factories.

Captain McManus and his soldiers join Liam and Bob on their search for Sal and Abraham Lincoln.

Playable: Captain McManus, Liam O' Connor, Bob

Enemies: Eugenics

Find Sal and Abraham Lincoln in the 'Dead City'.

Across The Warzone

Elsewhere, Maddy and Becks are taking Colonel Devereau (who Maddy and Becks met in a earlier cutscene) and his troops to the archway. Colonel Devereau waves at the opposition.

Becks tells Maddy that there is a way to repair the damage to the archway if they get a specific number of items.

Playable: Maddy Carter, Becks, Colonel Devereau

Find the pieces needed to repair the archway.

The Confederates

After Colonel Devereau explains the British Empire's dominance in this timeline, Maddy and Becks meet with Colonel Wainwright. She asks where they can get a radio dish from. Colonel Wainwright tells her there is only one that exists, guarded by British soldiers. Colonel Devereau takes Maddy and Becks back to the archway before the British inspection of the Confederate post takes place.

Colonel Wainwright is informed by a British officer that the British army force want to use the Confederates for a invasion on the Union. The Officer relieves Colonel Wainwright of duty.

Playable: Colonel Wainwright, Confederate soldier

Enemies: British soldiers

Boss: British officer

The Taking Of New York

Colonel Wainwright meets Colonel Devereau, who he tells that the British army are planning on taking New York and sending in artificially created creatures to help. He also says he will agree to the mutiny and help Maddy and Becks fiz their time travel technology.

Devereau and Wainwright tell the men of their information. They come to a truce and join forces against the British army force.

Playable: Colonel Devereau, Colonel Wainwright

Enemies: British soldiers

To The Portal

Captain Mcmanus drops Liam, Sal, Bob and Abraham Lincoln off in New Wellington, where they recieve a message from Maddy to head to the co-ordinates she has sent them.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Sal, Bob, Abraham Lincoln

Get to the time portal in time, return Abraham Lincoln to 1831 and set time on it's correct path.

The Battle Of New York

Meanwhile, the British assault on New York begins.

Playable: Colonel Devereau, Colonel Wainwright

Enemies: British soldiers


Colonel Wainwright finds out that the second wave of troops will feature the 'Black Watch' (Britain's best fighting force). The 'Black Watch' will also feature Eugenics called 'Dreadnoughts'. They find it takes a entire regiment to take a Dreadnought down and they decide to retreat, until Becks works out that they can be taken down if they aim their guns at the head and chest.

Playable: Colonel Devereau, Colonel Wainwright, Becks

Enemies: Dreadnoughts

The Last Line Of Defence

Becks orders Colonel Devereau to send his troops to the last line of defence and therefore give Maddy as much time as possible. One soldier stays behind and helps Becks take on the British army and the Dreadnoughts.

Playable: Becks, soldier

Enemies: British Army, Dreadnoughts

In the book, Becks is on her own.

Cause Of Contamination

Meanwhile, in 1831, Sal, Bob and Liam search for the cause of the contamination to time.

Playable: Liam O' Connor, Saleena Vikram, Bob

Find the source of the time contamination.


Liam O' Connor- Unlocked in story mode

Maddy Carter- Unlocked in story mode, can use control panels dotted around the LEGO Hub world and in levels.

Saleena Vikram- Unlocked in story mode, can spot hidden areas.

Bob- Unlocked in story mode, has super strength which allows him to lift and throw heavy LEGO objects.

Becks- Unlocked in story mode, has super strength whoch allows her to lift and throw heavy LEGO objects.

Foster- Unlocked in story mode

Roald Waldstein- 450,000 studs, help Foster find his cup of coffee, has same ability as Maddy Carter.

Adam Lewis- 200,000 studs, help a hacker hack into his friend's emails, has same ability as Maddy Carter.

Edward Chan- 150,000 studs, open a time portal.

Howard Goodall- 150,000 studs, find some medieval clothes for Liam and Bob, carries a gun.

Franklyn- 150,000 studs, help a student find her school book.

Laura- 150,000 studs, help a student catch the bus.

Juan- 150,000 studs, track down a time traveller from the year 2070, carries a spear.

Lester Cartwright- 150,000 studs, find the base of a secret agency, carries a gun.

Agent Forby- 150,000 studs, find the base of a secrey agency, has a gun.

Cabot- 150,000 studs, kill eleven prehistoric predators outside a cafe selling Lincoln burgers.

The Sheriff Of Nottingham- 150,000 studs, kill twenty five rioters near the Statue Of Liberty.

Eddie- 150,000 studs, kill twenty soldiers near the Statue Of Liberty, carries a sword.

James Locke- 250,000 studs, help a historian find a book on World War 2, has same ability as Maddy Carter.

Jethro Longstreet- 150,000 studs, as Saleena Vikram find the missing road pieces and build them together to fill the gap in the road, carries a sword.

Joseph Oliveiria- 300,000 studs, help Roald Waldstein find some time displacement technology to use to return to 2070 Denver.

Abraham Lincoln- 150,000 studs, help Abraham Lincoln fight Confederate soldiers.

Captain McManus- 150,000 studs, help Captain McManus fight Union soldiers, carries a gun.

Colonel Devereau- 150,000 studs, help Colonel Devereau and Colonel Cartwright fight British soldiers, carries a gun.

Colonel Cartwright- 150,000 studs, help Colonel Devereau and Colonel Cartwright fight British soldiers, carries a gun.

Terrorist- 150,000 studs, help the people inside the Twin Towers escape, can destroy silver LEGO objects with a bomb.

Seeker- 150,000 studs, visit chaos space.

Kramer- 400,000 studs, find Roald Waldstein's time machine, can destroy silver LEGO objects with a grenade.

Max- 150,000 studs, destroy five petrol station pumps.

Nazi- 150,000 studs, find Adolf Hitler and work out who transported Adolf Hitler from World War 2 to 2001 New York, carries a gun.

Adolf Hitler- 150,000 studs, help the Nazis fight american tourists.

Security guard- 150,000 studs, stop a thief before he flees New York, carries a gun.

Policeman- 150,000 studs, stop a murderer before he flees New York, carries a gun.

Assassin- 150,000 studs, help a mother find her baby, carries a gun.

Lee Harvey Oswald- 150,000 studs, help a mother find her baby's bottle, carries a gun.

Nazi guard- 150,000 studs, help a father find the mother and her baby, carries a gun.

Mutated creature- 150,000 studs, help the family of three defend themselves against a bunch of mutated creatures, can eat enemies.

Dinosaur- 150,000 studs, help a teenager find his DVD copy of Jurassic Park.

Beast- 150,000 studs, help a child find his DVD copy of The Lion King.

Alamosaurus- 150,000 studs, find a pocket watch in Times Square.

Sea creature- 150,000 studs, help a teacher find her bottle of water.

Predator- 150,000 studs, find a piece of raw meat, carries spear.

Broken Claw- 400,000 studs, help a vegetarian find some vegetables for a vegetarian meal, carries a spear.

Humanoid-reptillian creature- 300,000 studs, help a shopkeeper stop some shoplifters, carries a spear.

Rioter- 150,000 studs, as Saleena Vikram, find a hidden area near the archway, carries stones.

Soldier- 150,000 studs, use a character capable of using a control panel to open a garage and find the soldier character icon, carries a sword.

The Hood- 200,000 studs, shoot ten targets on the back of vehicles going down the road, has same ability as Bob.

Executioner- 250,000 studs, help a man find his shopping bags, carries a axe.

Rex- 300,000 studs, help Lester Cartwright fight terrorists, has same ability as Bob.

Henchman- 150,000 studs, protect school children from dinosaurs, carries horse dung.

King Richard The Lionheart- 150,000 studs, kill a lion on the loose, carries a sword.

Monk- 150,000 studs, build a church.

Citizen of Nottingham- 150,000 studs, build a marketplace

FBI Agent- 150,000 studs, help a FBI Agent track down a terrorist group, carries a gun.

Union soldier- 150,000 studs, defeat a wave of British soldiers, carries a gun.

Eugenic- 150,000 studs, defeat a wave of Union soldiers.

British soldier- 150,000 studs, defeat a second wave of Union soldiers.

British officer- 150,000 studs, defeat a wave of Confederate soldiers.

Dreadnought- 150,000 studs, defeat a third wave of Union soldiers.

Passer-by (red Uroboros armband)- 150,000 studs, help a passer-by find his armband.

Friend- 150,000 studs, help a school kid find his best friend.

President Kennedy- 150,000 studs, find a stolen limousine and return it to its owner.

Leanardo DiCaprio- 150,000 studs, find a Titanic DVD outside a second hand shop.

John- 150,000 studs, help a father find his son.

Air hostess- 150,000 studs, find one of the crashed Twin Towers planes.

Titanic passenger- 150,000 studs, find a TV in a shop window showing the Titanic movie.

Sal's Mother- 150,000 studs, help a mother of three children escape a burning building.

Sal's Father- 150,000 studs, help a father of three children escape a burning building.

Chinese man- 150,000 studs, find a copy of the latest newspaper edition.

Chan- 150,000 studs, build a newspaper stand.

Mr Whitmore- 150,000 studs, build a magazine stand.

Kelly- 150,000 studs, help a baby find his pacifier.

TERI technician- 150,000 studs, hack into a laptop lying on a bench, has same ability as Maddy Carter.

Keisha- 150,000 studs, help lead a old man to hospital, can heal other players so they gain a extra (lost) heart.

Jasmine- 150,000 studs, help a old man find his walking stick.

Sergeant Freeman- 150,000 studs, help a FBI Agent find his gun, carries a gun.

Private Ray Calder- 150,000 studs, help a passer-by find his Sheriff Of Nottingham costume, carries a gun.

Jefferson Davis- 150,000 studs, help a historian find a tapestry from 1066, carries a gun.

Samuel- 150,000 studs, defeat a wave of mutated creatures.

Future man fused with two horses- 150,000 studs, find a man from the future.


Car- Available from beginning (no cost)

Plane- Available from beginning (no cost)

Rowing boat- Available from beginning (no cost)

Ferry- Available from beginning (no cost)

Ship- Available from beginning (no cost)

Speedboat- Available from beginning (no cost)

School bus- Available from beginning (no cost)

Van- Available from beginning (no cost)

Police car- Available from beginning (no cost)

Lincoln Burgers truck- 150,000 studs, find a Lincoln Burger

Horse- 150,000 studs, help a knight from medieval times find his horse.

Nazi truck- 150,000 studs, help Adolf Hitler find his Nazis.

Horse and cart- 150,000 studs, help King Richard the Lionheart find his piece of parchment.

Chinese man's car- 150,000 studs, help a farmer find his chickens.

Military vehicle- 150,000 studs, help a soldier find the army truck.

Titanic- 450,000 studs, help Liam O' Connor find his Titanic uniform.

Zeppelin- 450,000 studs, build a plane.

Portable farm- 150,000 studs, help a farmer plow his field, can transport vehicles.

Airship- 150,000 studs, help a farmer milk his cows.

Distillery wagon- 150,000 studs, find a bottle of beer.


Disguise- 150,000 studs

Graphic novel- 150,000 studs

Computer Bob- 150,000 studs

Medieval clothes- 150,000 studs

Coffee- 150,000 studs

TimeRiders Audiobooks- 150,000 studs

Sal's diary- 150,000 studs

Teddy bear- 150,000 studs

Grey hair- 150,000 studs

Computer hack- 150,000 studs

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