LEGO Ultima: Age of Darkness is a video game co-produced by TT Games and EA, and is based on the epic Ultima franchise created by Richard Garriott. As its name implies, this game covers the first three episodes of the Ultima saga, which encompasses the respective rises and falls of the evil wizard Mondain, his student Minax, and their "unearthly" child simply called Machinis.


LEGO Ultima was originally placed within Lord British's Castle, which also served as the main hub world. However, a running change was later put into place that made the land of Sosaria itself a hub world. Now, the game starts the player off in the "region" of Mondain, the main enemy of Ultima I. Once the player arrives at a certain threshold, the regions representing the two other villains, Minax and Machinis ("Exodus") can be accessed via special abilities, which can be obtained by way of red Lego bricks. Players can also explore different locations around Sosaria, such as Lord British's Castle, The Royal City, the mysterious city of Dawn and Ambrosia, the lost continent that can only be accesses after several goals have been met.

Cast of Characters

LEGO Ultima features a cast of wild yet interesting characters that each have his/her own skills that sets them apart from other denizens. They are listed here by trade/profession:


  1. Taff the Thief
  2. Slick the Pickpocket
  3. Riff the Brigand
  4. Nestor the Jester (former bonus character)
  5. Brindle T. Swindle (current bonus)


  1. Nellam the Knight
  2. Forge the Swordsman
  3. Melnor the Warrior
  4. Kotaru the Samurai
  5. The Stranger (bonus)


  1. Philhan the Archer
  2. Doran the Ranger
  3. Hans the Minstrel
  4. Kess the Hunter
  5. Rob the Hooded (bonus character; play on the name of the "Robin Hood" character)


  1. Ferrin the Dwarf
  2. Bjorn the Raider
  3. "Long" John Silver the Pirate
  4. McDowell the Horseman
  5. Wall the Cyclops
  6. The Wanderer (bonus)


  1. Rock the Magician
  2. Gengas, Prince of Alchemists
  3. Brejan the Druid
  4. Turk the Rainmaker
  5. Maruk the Wizard (bonus)


  1. Sara the Illusionist
  2. Merta the Cleric
  3. Tulla the Harlequin
  4. Bertha the Operatic
  5. Okatsu, the Fastest Swordswoman in History (bonus)


LEGO Ultima's story is based on :

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