LEGO Ultraman: The Video Game is a part of the line of
LEGO Ultra

Made by Traveler's Tales LEGO Video Game.


The game follows the plot of the Ultraman series


By finishing each chapter Ultraman will gain XP to increase his power and unlocking new power. Ultraman can also unlocking the enemy that has been defeated by him.

Game Mode

  • Story Mode
  • Vs Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Score Mode
  • Option Mode

Story Mode

Stage 1: Ultra Operation #1

Summary: When Hayata is patrolling his ships was accidentally crashed by a Giant Red Ball and the being inside the Red Ball a being named Ultraman revived him and gave him a Beta Capsule to transform.

Character: Shin Hayata

Objective: Defeat Bemular

Setting: Lake

Boss: Bemular

Reward: 250 XP and Bemular (has been unlocked)

Stage 2: Shoot The Invaders

Summary: A race of Baltans appeared as a microscopic on earth. They want to invade the earth

Character: Shin Hayata

Objective: Defeat Alien Baltan

Setting: City (Night)

Boss: Alien Baltan


  • 200 XP
  • Alien Baltan (has been unlocked)
  • The Ultra Slash (now can be use)

Stage 3: Five Seconds To Explode

Summary: An Atomic bomb was accidentally thrown to the sea and a beast turned into Huge this beast then land on a Forest an attacking a nearby civillian.

Character: Shin Hayata, Akiko Fuji and Daisuke Arashi


  • Defeat Ragon before times run out
  • Destroy the Atomic Bomb

Setting: Forest

Boss: Ragon


  • 350 XP
  • Ragon (has been unlocked)
  • Flying Technique (now can be use)

Stage 4: The Blue Stone of Barraji

Summary: While the Space Patrol is investigating an ancient monster appeared and attacking them the beast is about to approached a nearby ancient city.

Character: Shin Hayata, Daisuke Arashi, Mitsuhiro Ide, Akiko Fuji and Captain Muramatsu


  • Reduce half of Antlar life's gauge
  • Destroy Antlar with the Baraji Stone

Setting: City of Barraji

Boss: Antlar

Reward: 350 XP and Antlar (has been unlocked)

Stage 5: The Lawless Monster Zone

Summary: A Mysterious Island had been found to be home of the Monster. The Science Patrol then goes out to search the island and to rescue the missing scientist

Character: All of the Science Patrol member

Objective: Defeat Red King

Setting: Monster Island

Boss: Red King


  • 400xp,
  • Red King, Chandora, Magular & Pigmon (has been unlocked)

Stage 6: Operation: Uranium

Summary: A Monster is about to approaching the Uranium mines. The Science Patrol were joined by the S.D.F try to Stop Gabora.

Character: Shin Hayata and Akiko Fuji


  • Don't let Gabora get to Uranium Mine
  • Defeat Gabora

Setting: Uranium Mines Plant

Boss: Gabora


  • 450 XP
  • Gabora (has been unlocked)

Stage 7: Oil S.O.S

Summary: A Monster appeared to attack an Oil Tanker that come nearby to its territory. The Monster then began towards to the Oil Refinery.

Character: Shin Hayata

Objective: Defeat Nova

Setting: Oil Refinery

Boss: Pestar


  • 500 XP
  • Nova (has been unlocked)
  • Ultra Shower (now can be use)

Stage 8: Baltan 2nd Invasion

Summary: After the Baltans failed to conquered the Earth, the Baltans now revived as the 2nd Baltan and this time they try to conquered the earth.

Character: Shin Hayata and Daisuke Arashi


  • Defeat Alien Baltan II
  • Don't let Alien Baltan Destroy Airport

Setting: Planet R and Airport

Boss: Alien Baltan II


  • 550 XP
  • Alien Baltan II (has been unlocked)
  • Teleportation (now can be use)

Stage 10: Passport to Infinity

Summary: A Meteor was combined into one and suddenly it attacked the city

Character: Shin Hayata


  • Lure out Bullton from the Science Patrol HQ
  • Defeat Bulton

Setting: Science Patrol HQ

Boss: Bullton


  • 600 XP Bulton (has been unlocked)
  • The Ultra Ring (now can be use)

Stage 11: The Brother From Another World

Summary: An alien planned to invade the earth and not only that he disguised as our hero the: ULTRAMAN !

Character: Shin Hayata


  • Defeat Fake Ultraman
  • Defeat Alien Zarab

Setting: City (Night)

Boss: Alien Zarab and Fake Ultraman (disguised by Zarab)


  • 650 XP
  • Alien Zarab and Fake Ultraman (has been unlocked)

Stage 12: The Demons Rise Again

Summary: A two ancient capsule were found by the Science Patrol and suddenly one of the Ancient Capsule were released and another were released aswell.

Character: Shin Hayata and Daisuke Arashi

Objective: Defeat Aboras

Setting: Olympic Stadium

Boss: Aboras & Banila


  • 700 XP
  • Aboras and Banila (has been unlocked)

Stage 13: Breach The Wall Of Smoke

Summary: An unknown condition were been investigate by the Science Patrol and suddenly a Monster attacking them

Character: Shin Hayata

Objective: Defeat Kemular

Setting: City (Day)

Boss: Kemular


  • 750 XP
  • Kemular (has been unlocked)

Stage 14: Undersea Science Center

Summary: An Undersea Monster began to attacked Underwater Science facility and suddenly it appeared on the land to attacked it directly.

Character: Shin Hayata

Objective: Defeat Gubila

Setting: Science Center Facility

Boss: Gubila


  • 800 XP
  • Gubila (will be unlocked)

Stage 15: Prince of Monster

Summary: An ancient monster were found on Johnson Island the Science Patrol and a Professor try to bring the monster to a Museum. they successfully bring the Monster but, the monster suddenly awake and attack the Science Patrol.

Part 1 Character:

  • Shin Hayata
  • Daisuke Arashi

Part 2 Character:

  • Shin Hayata
  • Mitsuhiro Ide
  • Daisuke Arashi

Part 1 Objective:

  • Reduce half of Gomora's life gauge
  • Don't let Gomora destroy one of the VTOL Ship

Part 2 Objective:

  • Cut Gomora's Tail and Horns
  • Defeat Gomora
  • Don't let Gomora Destroy the Castle


  • Mount Rokko
  • Osaka Castle

Boss: Gomora


  • 900 XP
  • Gomora (has been unlocked)

Stage 16: Humans Specimens 5 & 6

Summary: a freak accidents had been bring a Big News and the Science Patrol try to investigate it and suddenly.....?

Character: Shin Hayata and Captain Muramatsu

Objective: Defeat Dada

Settings: Scientist Basement

Boss: Dada


  • 950 XP
  • Dada (has been unlocked)

Stage 17: The Forbidden Words

Summary: An Alien came to earth and try to conquered it to save his race but, he try to planned to revived all dead monster if the humans is not surrender.

Character: Shin Hayata and Akiko Fuji


  • Defeat All Mephilas Illusions
  • Defeat Mephilas

Setting: Forest


  • Alien Mephilas
  • Alien Baltan III (Illusions)
  • Alien Zarab II (Illusions)
  • Alien Kemur II (Illusions)

Reward: Alien Mephilas (has been unlocked)

Stage 18: Arashi Don't Shoot!

Summary: A Monster appeared and caused a blinding flash in a nearby city because of this Arashi was fired and he took control of the VTOL Ship and attacked the monster.

Character: Shin Hayata and Daisuke Arashi

Objective: Defeat Zaragas

Setting: City (Day)

Boss: Zaragas


  • 1000 XP
  • Zaragas (has been unlocked)

Stage 19: The Littlest Hero

Summary: 3 Monster were revived by an Unknown force of will as Messenger and one of the Monster tell the Science Patrol a Monster Chief is about to revive all monster to defeat Ultraman.

Character: Shin Hayata

Objective: Defeat Geronimon

Boss: Geronimon

Setting: Mountain


  • Geronimon (has been unlocked)

Stage 20: Farewell Ultraman

Summary: A group of Zetton appeared on earth and they want to invade the earth. Hayata and with All of his friends try to defend earth from Zetton he even transform into Ultraman for the final time.

Part 1 Character: Shin Hayata and All Science Patrol Member (later Hayata leaving them)

Part 2 Character: Ultraman and Zoffy

Part 1 Objective:

  • Defend the Base from countless Alien Zetton
  • Defeat Alien Zetton

Part 2 Objective:

  • Reduce half of Zetton life's gauge
  • Defeat Zetton

Setting: Science Patrol HQ

Boss: Alien Zetton and Zetton


  • Unlimited XP
  • Zetton, Alien Zetton & Zoffy (has been unlocked)

Congratulation you had beat the game !

Playable Character

  • Ultraman
  • Zoffy
  • Shin Hayata (able to transform into Ultraman)
  • Daisuke Arashi
  • Mitsuhiro Ide
  • Akiko Fuji
  • Captain Muramatsu
  • Bemular
  • Alien Baltan
  • Ragon
  • Antlar
  • Red King
  • Pigmon
  • Chandora
  • Magular
  • Gabora
  • Nova
  • Alien Baltan II
  • Bulton
  • Alien Zarab
  • Fake Ultraman
  • Aboras
  • Banila
  • Kemular
  • Gubila
  • Gomora
  • Dada
  • Alien Mephilas
  • Zaragas
  • Geronimon
  • Alien Zetton
  • Zetton

Playable Stages

  • Lake
  • City (Night)
  • Forest
  • City of Barraji
  • Monster Island
  • Uranium Mines Plant
  • Oil Refinery
  • Planet R
  • Airport Station
  • Olympic Stadium
  • City (Day)
  • Science Center Facility
  • Mount Rokko
  • Osaka Castle
  • Scientist Basement
  • Mountain
  • Science Patrol HQ

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