LEGO Young Justice is an upcoming videogame that is loosely based on the Young Justice TV series

The Game Hub

The Game hub is Mount Justice. Here the player can access missions using the Zeta Tubes, buy characters using the main computer, buy extras from the souvenir room or simply explore. The Player can also use other Zeta Tubes to travel to the Watchtower (Justice League characters) or Bell Reve Penitentary (Villain Hub).

Young Justice

Mission 1: Project Cadmus

Summary: Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash Infiltrate Project Cadmus and discover a Superman clone, Superboy.

Characters: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy (White Suit)

Enemies: G-Gnomes, Geno Morphs, Cadmus Guards

Boss: Blockbuster (6 hearts)

Mission 2: Welcome to Happy Harbour

Summary: Miss Martian Joins the team, who soon have to deal with a weather controling android called Mister Twister.

Characters: Robin (Casual), Aqualad (Casual), Kid Flash (Casual), Superboy (Jacket), Miss Martian (Casual)

Enemies: Twister-Bots

Boss: Mister Twister (6 hearts)

Mission 3: Drop-Zone

Summary: The team is sent to Santa Prisca to investigate the strange activity at the Venom Factory located on the island.

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