this is a crossover game archie sonic and dc comics for wii u ps3 ps4 xbox one xbox 360 3ds

this based on a different timeline in archie sonic


after xorda attack sonic is transported for gotham city and meets dc heroes but the legion of doom travels to mobius and team up with eggman and now freedom fighters and justice league team up to stop this alliance


one day in space a big white ray of light is crossing meanwhile in gotham city batman is watching of city when noticed a CRASH come on a parking lot batman comes to investigating when saw a humanoid blue hedgehog but the creature wake up and see batman batman ask some question but hears a explosion come to bank sonic and batman runs to saw and discovering what is joker and his thugs joker see batman and sonic and they start fighting after the battle joker escape in a his helipcoter later in batcave sonic is training while batman is talking to martian manhunter through batcomputer about sonic martian manhunter says im gonna talk the entire justice league about this you need go to metropolis to superman after batman end conversation the says to sonic is midnight if you want can sleep in guest room sonic says okay need energy to tommorow later sonic is laying in bed and saw to window says goodnight friends meanwhile in hall of doom joker is talking to lex luthor

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