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this is the third game in the LEGO batman series following LEGO batman 2 : DC superheroes.

you can explore remake of Gotham city and Arkham city,the co-hubs are the batcave and the Justice league base(after you,ve completed level 3, there is only one co-hub which is the Batcave).In this game,from chp 1 lvl 4 you have to create an custom hero and name it,It will be your main character through out the game!In this page you custom hero will be called as CH.


A meteor falls in Gotham city,While batman was scanning the meteor for dangerous substances,superman accidently fell an touched one of the stone which were a part of the meteor.Batman called hime but no answer,superman's suit color design had changed,the S logo went X and his suit color changed into red,black and white.superman immediately flew up. Batman safely took some part of the meteor to the batcave to scan resulted in an unknown substance... The justice league had a meeting about superman and his dissapearance.In some other place Joker and other super villains were happy about "no soup-man anymore!!!" means superman is gone.Joker then makes a team of supervillains called as "Ultra-V league" which included Joker,mr.freeze,catwoman,lex-luthor,clayface,black adam and a new guy called as Brilozord.While superman or "X superman" was was doing something unusual...

chapters and levels

CHAPTER 1 "leader Gone..."

LEVEL 1 "trouble in Arkham"

playble characters : Batman,Robin,flash and cyborg

boss : Riddler(6 hearts)

description : Riddler and Penguin-man go to raid a bank in Arkham city, you must stop em'!

LEVEL 2 "followin' the penguin!"

playble characters : Batman and Robin

boss : the penguin( 8 hearts )

description : while you were busy fighting the Riddler the penguin stunned Flash and Cyborg and escaped with the money!

LEVEL 3 : makin' the superbase!

playble characters : Batman, Robin (nightwing suit),cyborg,green lantern,wonder woman and green arrow

boss : none

description : the justice league, plans to combine batcave and the justice league base,you MUST help!


playble characters : CH,batman (arkham city)

boss : Damian Wayne (EARTH 2)

description : while you were training with batman,a portal opens in the arkham asylum, and guess who's the person who came out of it?Damian wayne! but some other dimention's Damian Wayne... you have to defeat him , it's a good time to show your training!after the battle,Damian Wayne escapes and joins Joker's Ultra-V.

LEVEL 5 : Where is he?

playble characters : CH,cyborg and wonder woman

boss : joker (8 hearts)

description : you,cyborg and wonderwoman go to investigate what happned with superman but while you are goin' ,Joker inturrupts the investigation and you must defeat him.after you fought him,Clayface will come in a chopper and takes Joker back and then Lex luthor becomes the leader of the Ultra-V.

CHAPTER 2 : what has happ... 

NOTE : this page is incomplete!

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