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based on tv series. to acsess season 1 episodes go to Cerebro, season 2 go to Sentenal core, season 3 go to acolyte ball, season 4 apocalapse's pyramid                                                  Level1:Stragety X        Story:Cyclops invites Toad and Nightcraler telepoorts them to the danger room.                                                                        Characters: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcraler, Toad.                  Enemies:danger room bots.                                                       Boss: Danger room laser                                                           Story Changes: Jean and Cyclops come early to help.             Characters Unlocke: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nighcraler. Avalable to Buy: Toad                                                        Level 2: X Impulse                                                                        Story:Cyclops and Nightcraler chase Wolverine. Meanwhile Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde try to get out of the office. Then Cyclops, Nightcraler, and Wolverine battle Sabertooth.                                                                                   Characters Part 1: Wolverine's Bike and Cyclop's Car.                                                       Characters Part 2: Jean Grey and Kitty  Pryde.                                                                                                             Characters Part 3: Cyclops, Nightcraler, and Wolverine                                                                                           Locations: Street, Ofice, Parking Lot.             Boss Part 3: Sabertooth 3 Hearts                                                                                                           Charters Unlocked: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. Avalable to buy: Lance Avlers                                                        Level 3: Rouge Recruit                                                                                                                                              Story: Rouge is running and touches nightcraler and teleports to a graveyard while Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm search for her. Then Cyclops, Jean, Shadowcat, and Wolverine fight her.                                                       Charaters Part 1: Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm                                                                                                Characters Part 2: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, and Wolverine. Boss:Rouge                                                                                                                                                                Charcters Unlocked: Storm and Shadowcat.                                                                                                            Level 4: Mutant Crush                                                                                                                                                   Story: Blob tries to kidnape Jean but Taryn helps. Then Wolverine, Cyclops, and Rouge battle Blob and rescue Jean.                                                                                                                                                                Characters Part 1: Jean Grey (Causual) and Taryn.                                                                                     Characters Part 2: Wolverine, Cyclops, and Rouge (Cyclops Powers)                                                                      Boss: Blob 5 hearts                                                                                                                            Characters Unlocked:Jean Grey (Causual), Taryn, and Rouge                                                                                                      Story Changes: Taryn helps Jean instead of leaving and Cyclops and Rouge come early.                              Characters Avallable to Buy: Fred Dukes                                                                            Level 5:Speed and Spike                                                                                                                                                                        Story: Spyke battles Quicksilver at the school. Then Jean, Cyclops and  Spyke battle him again.                          Characters Part 1: Evan Daniels and Quicksiver (vs match)                                                                            Characters Part 2: Spyke, Cyclops, Jean Grey                                                                                                           Boss: Quicksilver 3 hearts                                                                                                                                              Characters Unlocked: Evan Daniels and Spyke                                                                                                 Characters Avalable to Buy: Pietro Lensher                                                                                                              Level 6: Middleverse                                                                                                                                                   Story: Nightcraler is stuck in middleverse with Forge and the X men defend the portal. Meanwhile Nightcraler and Forge make the battery.                                                                                                                                    Characters Part 1: Cyclops, Shadowcat, Spyke, Jean Grey                                                                                  Characters Part 2: Nightcraler and Forge                                                                                                                Bosses: Avalanche 1 heart, Blob 1 heart, and Toad 1 heart                                                                           Characters Unlocked: Forge                                                                                                                                 Characters avalable to buy: Tod Talaski                                                                                                                 Level 7: The Turn of Rouge                                                                                                                                       Story: Rouge and Cyclops are on a field trip when Mystique atacks Cyclops and Rouge learns the truth. Meanwhile Wolverine and Storm search for them.                                                                                                              Characters Part 1: Rouge (Coat) and Scott Summers (Coat)                                                                             Characters Part 2: Wolverine and Storm                                                                                                           Boss:Mystique 5 hearts                                                                                                                                       Characters Unlocked: Scott (Coat), and Rouge (Coat).                                                                                           Level 8: Spykecam                                                                                                                                                     Story: Spyke acendently gives Sabertooth the location of the X Mansion and their attacked. Then Spyke takes Kitty and Rouge outside where their attacked again but Wolverine helps.                                                                 Characters Part 1: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Nightcraler, Evan Daniels, Storm, and Rouge(Hero). Characters Part 2: Evan Daniels, Rouge(Sabertooth), Kitty Pryde, and Wolverine.                                                 Boss: Sabertooth 5 hearts in part 2 (3 hearts in part 1)                                                                                            Characters Unlocked: Rouge (Hero)                                                                                                                  Characters Avalable to Buy: Rouge (Sabertooth)                                                                                                        Level 9: Survival of the Fittest                                                                                                                                 Story: The X Men go to survival camp and train. Then are called back to battle Jugetrnaght with the Brothehood.        Characters Part 1: Scott (Camp), Jean (Camp), Kurt (Camp), Kitty (Camp), Rouge (Camp), and Evan (Camp).     Characters Part 2: Cyclops, Avalanche, Blob, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Nightcraler, Quicsilver, Rougue (Hero), and Spyke.                                                                                                                                                                         Boss: Jugernaught                                                                                                                                                       Characters Unlocked: Scott (Camp), Kurt (Camp), Jean (Camp), Evan (Camp), Kitty (Camp), and Rouge (Camp).  Charaters Avalable to Buy: Avalanche, Lance (Camp), and Sergent Hawke.                                                         Level 10: Shadowed Past                                                                                                                                         Story: Rouge has a dream about Nightcraler. Then Nightcraler is knocked out in the afternoon and the X Men come to help.                                                                                                                                                             Characters Part 1: Mystique (Hood), Nightcraler (Baby)                                                                                        Characters Part 2: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Rouge (Hero), and Spyke.                                                     Bosses: Avalanche 1 Heart, Blob 1 Heart , Toad 1 Heart, and Quicksilver 1 Heart                                                Charaters Unlocked: Nightcraler (Baby)                                                                                                               Characters Avalable to Buy: Mysique (Hood), Rouge (Pajamas), Quicksilver.                                                           Level 11: A Grim Reminder                                                                                                                                     Story: Shadowcat and Nightcraler hitch a ride on the X Jet with Wolverine as the pilot but then land with Wolverine and Sabertooth as a team. It turns out Wolverine was under mind control and they atack the Docter.                    Characters Part 1: Shadowcat and Nightcraler.                                                                                                Characters Part 2: Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Nightcraler                                                                                       Eneimies: Bots                                                                                                                                                              Boss: Wolverinne 1 heart, Sabertooth 3 Hearts, Bad Docter 3 Hearts                                                                       Characters Avalable to Buy: Bad Docter                                                                                                                      Level 12: Caldron Part 1                                                                                                                                               Story: Jean is attacked by Toad and is captured. Scott finds out his llittle bro's alive and heads to Hawi with Logan and Xavier. Then the Brotherhood attacks Rouge, Kurt, Kitty, and Evan. Meanwhile Storm fights Mysique.             Characters Part 1: Jean (Casual) and Tod Talaski (vs).                                                                                     Characters Part 2: Rouge (Beach), Evan (Beach), Kitty (Beach), and Kurt (Beach).                                                Characters Part 3: Storm and Mysique (Classic) (vs).                                                                                     Bosses: Avalanche 1 heart,  Blob 1 heart, Toad 1 heart, and Quicksilver.                                                       Characters Unlocked: Rouge (Beach), Kitty (Beach), Kurt (Beach), and Evan (Beach).                                           Level 13: Caldron Part 2                                                                                                                                           Story Cyclops and Alex are mutated but the ramaing heroes free the rest for the final battle. Then Cyclops and Havoc desroy the base.                                                                                                                                            Characters Part 1: Mysique(Classic) , Toad, Rouge (Beach), Shadowcat, Spyke, Storm, Jean (Casual), Wolverine,  Nightcraler, and Professer X.                                                                                                                           Characters Part 2: Cyclops (Mutated) and Havoc.                                                                                     Bosses:Quicksilver, Avalanche, Blob,1 heart each, Magneto 5 Hearts (Only In Part 2)                                            Characters Unlocked: Mystique (Classic), Cyclops (Mutated), Havoc, and Profeser X.                                         Characters Avalable to Buy: Mystique (Mutated)                                                                                                       Level 1: Growing Pains                                                                                                                                                    Story: The Brotherhood atacks the soccer game at Bayvile and reveal mutants to the world. But Professer X saves the day.                                                                                                                                                              Characters: Cyclops, Jean (Soccer), Nightcraler, Shadowcat, Rouge (Hero), and Spyke.                                   Enemies: Angry Students                                                                                                                                            Bosses: Avalanche 3 Hearts, Toad 2 Hearts, Quicksilver 1 heart.                                                                             Charaters Unlocked: Jean (Soccer)                                                                                                                               Characters Avalable to Buy: Blob                                                                                                                                   Level 2: Power Surge                                                                                                                                                    Story: Cyclops, Rouge, and Jean are at a party when Jean goes nuts and attacks them. Later Jean loses control of her powers and it's up to the X Men to stop her.                                                                                                    Characters Part 1: Scott Summer and Rouge (Season 2)                                                                                            Characters Part 2: Rouge (Hero), Cyclops, Nightcraler, Shadowcat, Spyke, and Wolverine.                                  Boss: Jean Grey 2 Hearts, Phoniex 3 Hearts                                                                                                               Characters Unlocked Rouge (Season 2)                                                                                                                    Level 3: Bada-Bada Bing Boom                                                                                                                                  Story: Boom Boom and her dad steal money but are attacked  by the Brotherhood and the X Men come to help.      Characters: Tabitha Smith, Nightcraler, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Spyke.                                                            Bosses: Avalnche 3 Hearts, Blob 1 heart, Toad 1 heart, Quicksilver 2 Hearts                                                       Characters  Unlocked: Tabitha Smith and Boom Boom                                                                                               Level 4: Fun And Games                                                                                                                                                Story: Arcade and Risty set of the defence systems. While Scott and Jean break in.                                                   Characters Part 1: Rouge (Hero), Spyke, and Shadowcat.                                                                                            Characters Part 2: Cyclops and Jean Grey                                                                                                                 Characters Part 3: Cyclops, Rouge (Hero), Jean Grey, Nightcraler, Shadowcat, and Spyke                                    Enemies: Defcon 4 Bots                                                                                                                                                 Boss: Arcade 5 Hearts                                                                                                                                               Characters Avalable to Buy: Arcade and Risty Wilde                                                                                                Level 5: The Beast of Bayvile                                                                                                                                        Story: Hank Mcoy mutates into Beast and Spyke, Wolverine, Storm, Shadowcat, and Nightcraler.                     Characters: Spyke, Storm, Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Nightcraler                                                                             Boss: Beast 5 Hearts                                                                                                                                                     Level 6: Adrift                                                                                                                                                                   Story: Alex and Scott are attacked by a Storm: While Jean Storm Search for them.                                                    Characters Part 1: Alex Summers and Scott (Hawi)                                                                                                    Characters Part 2:  Jean Grey and Storm                                                                                                                     Characters Unlocked: Alex Summers and Scott (Hawi)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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