Lego Ben 10 follows Season 1-4 No Editse


When playing as Ben 10 you acsese the Omnitrix by holding a certain button after the alien is unlocked you can choose to go that alien. The Omnitrix times out after you lose your Any alien unlocked can be used Aliens listed below are                                                                Levels

Level 1: And Then There Were 10                                     Story: Ben obtains the Omnitrix and as Heatblast starts a forest fire in which he and Gwen must put out. After stoping the forest fire Ben and Gwen are attacked by a Vigax robot and Ben goes Wildmut. After destroying the robot a Giant Robot attacks a campsite and Ben as Diamondhead and Grandpa Max  defeat the Giant robot.                                 Characters Part 1: Ben Tennyson (Use Heatblast) and Gwen Tennyson                                                                 Characters Part 2: Ben Tennyson (Use Wildmut) and            Gwen Tennyson                                                                 Characters Part 3: Ben Tennyson (Use Diamondhead) and Grandpa Max                                                                     Aliens Unlocked: Heatblast, Wildmut, and Diamondhead Characters Unlocked: Grandpa Max                                  Characters Avalable to Buy: Cash, JT,  Jamie, Vigax Bot, Vilgax Giant Robot                                                               Locations: forest (fire),  forest, campsite

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