Lego stealth mission

the picture of the first set, jungle mission

 Lego: Stealth mission are figures/sets that were released around may 16th 2015 that only has three sets so far (please edit for sets when you get a chance)

 Jungle Mission

Jungle Mission is the first set to be released in the commercial it shows a helicopter flying through a forest and landing. when it lands two men come out of it and the helicopter flys off. the other solider gets confused and straches his head. the Sargent sighs and a hand comes down and builds a sentry for them really fast. It then shows the two shooting the enemies with a sentry and taking the artifact. it then shows the two walking back to the helicopter. The Set Costs $50 And Includes Eight Minifigures: Stealth Commander, Rookie, Pilot (2), Heavy Armoured Gunner, H.G.S Soldier (2). It Includes A Drop Helicopter, A Small Base (Really Small), Atleast Five Guns And A Sentry.

Helicopter Crash

Helicopter Crash is the second set to be released in the lineup. In it's commercial it shows a pilot and three passengers flying in a helicopter. They get shot by an enemy (Flick-Fire) missle. It crashes and they get out and start shooting at the enemies. Then one of the passengers gets out a wrench and starts to fix the helicopter. Then another hand comes down and builds the helicopter and adds to missles. They shoot at the enemy barrier and fly off.

The set costs $ 100.00 and includes 6 Minifigures: Helicopter Pilot, Helicopter Passengers (3), Enemies (2). It includes a Helicopter, 2 guns to put on it, an enemy barrier, and some crates to put the enemy guns in. The box has a crashed helicopter, the barrier with enemies shooting, and in big, bold, letters: HELICOPTER CRASH!!.

Base Infiltration

TBA (Edit If You Like.)

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