Spiky Villiage. Minifigures:Finn, Jake (normal, big, and crazy), Gut Grinder (same size as crazy Jake figurine), Spike People, Spiky Mayor. (set contains the jail, and land) Episode:"Gut Grinder"

Tree Fort. Minifigures: Finn (normal, and pajamas), Jake, Beemo. (set contains bedroom, treasure room, kitchen, and well outside) Episode:(NOTE:This can be in ANY episodes that have the tree fort in it)

Marceline's House. Minifigures:Finn, Jake (normal and Finn style), Marceline (normal, buzzcut, and bathing). (set contains porch, closet, bedroom, bathroom (with bathtub, toilet, and sink), kitchen, living room) Episode:"Go With Me", "Memory of a Memory", and "Marceline's Closet".

Train. Minifigs:Finn, Jake (skeleton), the Conducter, Gumdrop Lasses, Colonol Candy Corn (skeleton), Candy Cane Guy (skeleton), Dr. Donut (skeleton), Dr. Ice Cream (skeleton), Pineapple Guy, Chocolate Bar Guy. (set contains the inside of the train (which is just a lego platform), A basket, 2 cabbages, 2 fish, 2 pineapples, 2 apples, 2 pears. Episode:"Mystery Train"

Minifig packages

Series 1

1. Finn

2. Jake

3. Princess Bubblegum

4. Ice King

5. Marceline

6. Lumpy Space Princess

7. Lady Rainicorn

8. Peppermint Butler

9. Beemo

10. Cinnamon Bun

Series 2

  1. Slime Princess
  2. Snow Golem
  3. Starchy
  4. Gunter
  5. Tree Trunks
  6. Flambo
  7. The Lich
  8. Billy
  9. Choose Goose
  10. Chet

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