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This game is based on the 2014 film The Astonishing Ant Man, the 2016 film Ant Man 2: Rise of the Giants and the 2018 film Ant Man and Wasp and the 2019 spin off, Wasp.

The Astonishing Ant Man

1. Vibranium Search

Plot: Madame Hydra is looking for Vibranium.

Heroes: Captain America and Black Panther.

Enemies: HYDRA Agents.

Boss: Madame Hydra (3 hearts)

2. Hellicarrier Attack

Plot: HYDRA attack the Hellicarrier.

Part 1 Heroes: Wasp (SHIELD), Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Part 2 Heroes: Ant Man (SHIELD), Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

Enemies: HYDRA Agents.

Boss: Madame Hydra (6 hearts)

3. Rescue Mission

Plot: Captain and T'Challa are escaping with the help of Hank, Janet and the others.

Heroes: Ant Man (SHIELD), Wasp (SHIELD), Captain America (Prisoner), T'Challa and Doctor Strange.

Enemies: HYDRA Agents.

Boss: Egg Head (6 hearts)

4. Prototype

Plot: Build the Ultron Prototype.

Heroes: Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Erik Selvig.

5. Attack of the HYDRONES

Plot: HYDRA attack New York city.

Part 1 Heroes: Ant Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Part 2 Heroes: Wasp and Captain America.

Part 3 Heroes: Ant Man and Wasp.

Enemies: HYDRONES and HYDRA Agents.

Part 1 Boss: Egg Head (4 hearts)

Part 2 Boss: Madame Hydra's HYDRONE Truck (3 hearts)

Part 3 Boss: Ultron (10 hearts)

Ant Man 2: Rise of the Giants

1. Bullying the Bullies

Plot: Explore the school and stop the bullies.

Heroes: David Cannon (Young), Hank Pym (Young) and Johnny Burns (Young).

Enemies: Bullies.

2. Birth of Atlas

Plot: At the Pym Factory, one of Hanks employees injects himself with an unsafe Pym cure and gains powers like growing and shrinking. He puts his hand on a desk and a bug gets into his skin, making him use his powers for bad.

Heroes: Ant Man and Wasp.

Boss: Atlas (6 hearts)

3. Bank Robbery

Plot: Whirlwind and Atlas have teamed up and are trying to rob a bank.

Heroes: Ant Man, Wasp and Goliath.

Bosses: Whirlwind (4 hearts) and Atlas (3 hearts)

4. Cured

Plot: Hank finds the cure. He gives it to himself and Wasp. He leaves it on the table for Bill.

Heroes: Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne.

5. Battle of the Giants

Plot: Bill didn't take the cure and went after Whirlwind and Atlas. They capture him and keep him hostage. They send a video in to Hank and Janet. Bill is being held captive. They both get there powers back and go out to save Bill.

Part 1 Heroes: Ant Man and Wasp.

Part 2 Heroes: Ant Man, Wasp, Goliath and Atlas.

Part 1 Bosses: Atlas (4 hearts) and Whirlwind (6 hearts)

Ant Man and Wasp

1. Wedding Crashers

Plot: At Hank and Janet's wedding, Voice attacks.

Heroes: Hank Pym (Wedding Suit) and Janet van Dyne (Wedding Dress).

Enemies: Voice Agents.

Boss: Voice (4 hearts)

2. The Pym Factory

Plot: Hank and Janet are just chilling in the Pym Factory when Ultron attacks.

Heroes: Ant Man and Wasp.

Enemies: Voice Agents.

Boss: Ultron (3 hearts)

3. Fury's Secret

Plot: Nick Fury tells Hank, Janet and Maria Hill that he knows a way for space travel and that the four of them must travel to space to stop Ultron and his master, Voice.

Heroes: Ant Man, Wasp, Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

Adding Hero: Silver Surfer.

Enemies: Zenn-Lanians.

Boss: Silver Surfer (6 hearts)

4. Galactic Battles

Plot: Galactus wants to destroy Zenn-La. Get the shard before he does.

Heroes: Ant Man, Wasp, Nick Fury (Space Suit), Maria Hill (Space Suit), Silver Surfer, Star Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Racoon and Groot.

Boss: Galactus (10 hearts)

5. Return

Plot: Ant Man, Wasp and Maria Hill have the shard, but can they use it to destroy Ultron before he destroys them?

Heroes: Ant Man, Wasp and Maria Hill.

Enemies: Voice Agents.

Bosses: Voice (6 hearts), Ultron (10 hearts) and Voice (3 hearts)

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