Book 1:Water

Level 1.The Boy in the Iceberg

Summary:Katara and Sokka find a boy named Aang and his flying bison Appa trapped in an iceberg.It turns out Aang is the last airbender.Katara and Sokka take him to their village.Aang and Katara go Penguin sledding and find a washed up destroyed fire kingdom ship from about 100 years ago.They explore it which was a booby trap,and they set off a flare which signals Zuko and his fire bender ship.



Character Tokens:Grangran,Water Tribe Villager,Water Tribe Boy

Level 2.The Avatar Returns

Summary:Aang is banished from the water tribe from Sokka because of the flare signaling the fire nation.Aang is forced to leave with Appa.Meanwhile the Fire Benders are coming for the Water Tribe and Sokka gets ready for battle.Zuko starts battling with Sokka and Katara (for multiplayer),Aang suddenly drops in on a penguin and joins the battle (they also find out Aang is the Avatar master of all four elements).Aang surrenders so the others don't get hurt and they take Aang aboard their ship.Katara and Sokka set off on Appa to find Aang.Aang tries to break out but Zuko is still on his tail.Katara and Sokka find Aang and land to help.They finally escape!

Characters:Aang,Katara,Sokka(warrior paint),Sokka,Appa

Enemies:Fire Kingdom Warriors



Character Tokens:Fire Kingdom Warrior,Sokka(Warrior Paint),Water Tribe Girl

Level 3.The Southern Air Temple

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