The Game Has Open World Gameplay.


Iron Man (Super Strength, Energy Blast, Flight, Avengers Panels, Stark Panels, Iron Man Panels, Waste)

Captain America (Super Strength, Sheild, Super Build, High Jump, Avengers Panels)

Thor(Super Strenght, Energy Bast, Flight, Super Build, Avengers Panels, 6 Hearts)

Hulk(Super Strenght, Avengers Panels, Regenarate Hearts, Waste)

Hawkeye(Bow, Avengers Panels, Sheild Panels)

Black Widow(Gun, High Jump, Avengers Panels, Sheild Panels)

Nick Fury (Bassoka, Shield Panels)

Phil Coulson(Gun, Sheild Panels)

Maria Hill( Machine Gun, Sheild Panels, High Jump)

Loki(Energy Blasts, Super Strength, Decoys)

Sheild Agent (Gun, Sheild Panels)

Alien Foot Solider(Energy Basts, Waste)

Eric Sevege(Melee Combat)

Tony Stark(Melee Combat, Stark Panels, Iron Man Panels, Avengers Panels)

Bruce Banner(Melee Combat, Avengers Panels)

Steve Rogers(Super Strength, Melee Combat, High Jump, Super Build, Avengers Panels)

Pepper Potts(Melee Combat, High Jump, Stark Panels)

Woverine(Super Strenght, Claws, Regenerate Hearts)

Spiderman(Spider Nets Simular to Indy's Whip, High Jump)

Santa( Invincivility)

Man(Melee Combat)

Woman(Melee Combat, High Jump)

Girl(Small Hatches)

Boy(Small Hatches)

Shield Agent(Bassoka)(Bassoka, Sheild Agent)

Army Man(Gun)

Waitress(Melee Combat, High Jump)

Janitor (Broom)

Loki (Decoy)(Energy Blast, Super Strength)

Police Man(Gun)


Docter(Melee Combat)


The Tunnel

Characters: Sheild Jeep, Nick Furry's Copter.

Locations: Sheid Base Tunnels, Sky.

Notes: This Levels Has Story Swap.

Characters Unlocked: Sheild Jeep, Nick Furry's Copter, Nick Furry, Maria Hill.

Characters You Can Unlock After You Finish The Level: Shield Agent, Eric Sevege, Hevey Shield Agent.

Gold Bricks: 4

Gather the Team

Characters: Phil Coulson, Black Widow, Nick Furry, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers.

Locations: India, Stark Tower, Gym.

Notes: This Level Has Story Swap

Characters Unlocked: Phil Coulson, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers.

Characters You Can Unlock After You Finish The Level: Pepper Potts.

The New King

Characters: Iron Man, Captain America.

Locations: Street, Forest.

Bosses: Loki(3 hearts), Thor(5 hearts).

Characters Unlocked: Iron Man, Captain America.

Helicairer Confusion

Characters: Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Nick Furry

Locations: Helicairer.

Bosses: Hawkeye(3 hearts), Hulk(6 hearts).

Characters Unlocked: Thor.

The Portal

Characters: Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye.

Locations: New York.

Bosses: Loki(2 hearts).

Characters Unlocked: Hulk, Hawkeye.

Characters You Can Unlock After The Level: Alien Foot Soldier

Avengers Assemble

Characters: Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye , Iron Man, Thor.

Locations: Stark Tower, Stark Tower Rooftop, Space.

Characters: You Can Unlock After The Level: Loki

Lego World

Characters: Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine.

Locations: Lego World.

Bosses: Loki(10 hearts)

Characters Unlocked: Wolverine.

Get One Million Studs!!!!

Other Characters

Spiderman: 50%

Santa: 100%

Energy Blast(Shoot Blasts of Energy)

Sheild(Aim Sheild)(5 targets)

Super Strenght(Pull Yellow Handles)

Avengers Panels, Sheild Panels, Stark Panels(Only Some Characters Can Accses These Panels)

High Jump(Reach Higher Places)

Fast Build( Build Faster)

Regerarate hearts(Hearts Regerarate after a While)

Invicablilty(Can't Die)

Waste(Can Walk In Waste without Dieing

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