Lego Avengers

Hub: The hub is unlocked after you finish a level in that specific place, Like for say once you fininsh level one in Manhatten you will unlock manhatten. In order to unlock the whole Hub you must finish the game story wise.


Levels: Once ypu complete the manhatten Hub mission you will be able to acess the avengers mansion where the levels are found in Tony starks Room. for story one the in the Helicarrier


Story one (the movie)levels are

1 Shield Showdown

Objective: you must stop Loki from getting away with the tsserect.

Main areas: Shield base, Tunnel

Unockable places: Shield HUB Destroyed

Playable charecters: Nick Fury Maria Hill

Unlockable charecters: Loki Nick Fury Maria Hill (in order to unlock Loki you must return in free-play as hawkeye)

Level Type: Brawl driving combat

enimies: Lokis car

Boss: Lokis car

2 The widows bite

Objective: Get Hulk to come with you

Main areas: Brazil

Unlockable places: Brazil HUB

charecters: Black widow Bruce Banner

unlockable charecters: Bruce Banner Black Widow Agent colison (to unlock Phil return as Iron man)

Level type puzzle

enimies NON

boss N/A

3 Germeny Attack

Objective: Defeat Loki

Main areas: Germeny Helicarrier

Unlockable places: Germeny HUB Helicarrier HUB

Charecters: Captain America Bruce Banner Iron man

Unlockable charecters: Captain America, Iron Man

Level type: Brawl

Enemies: Hawkeye, Erik Sulivin

Boss: Loki

4 Repair Scare

Objective: Repair the helicarrier and calm down bruce

Main areas: Helicarrier

Unlockable places: outside helicarrier

Charecters: Iron Man Captain America Hulk Black Widow Nick Fury Agent Colson Thor

Unlockable Charecters: Hulk Thor Hawkeye

Level type: Puzzle Brawl

enimies: L.O.K.I slaves

Boss: Hawkeye Hulk Loki

5 Newyork frenzy

Objective: Fight off the chetarri

Main Areas: Newyork city

Unlockable places: Newyork HUB

Charecters: Iron Man Captain america Black widow Hulk Hawkeye Thor

Unlockable charecters: Chatarri

Level type; brawl, Air combat Shooting Range

enemies: Chetarri

Boss: N/A 

6 Boss Battle~ Loki

Main Areas: stark tower

Unlockable areas: Stark tower hub

Charectrs: Thor Hulk Black Widow Iron man

Unlocakble charecters: Erik Suliven

Level type: BOSS

Enemies: N/A

Boss: LOKI


Story 2

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