Lego Back to the Future: The Video game is a lego game based on the popular film trilogy, with episodes I, II, and III released in 1985, 89, and 90 respectively.

Playable Characters

Italics mean the character is unlocked in story mode.

- Marty McFly

  Marty (Radiation Suit)

  Marty (Calvin Klein)

  Marty (Old)

  Marty (Disguise)

  Marty (1955)

  Marty (1885)

- Jennifer Parker

  Jennifer (Old)

- Doc

  Doc (Young)

  Doc (2015)

  Doc (1885)

  Doc (Old)

-George McFly

  George (1955)

  George (Suit)

-Lorraine McFly

  Lorraine (Young)

  Lorraine (Dress)

  Lorraine (1985A)


-Marty McFly Jr.

-Marlene Mcfly

-Mr. Strickland

  -Mr. Strickland (1985A)

-Seamus McFly

-Maggie McFly

-Clara Clayton

  -Clara (Dance)

-Biff Tannen

-Biff (Young)

-Biff (Old)

-Biff (1985A)

- 3-D

- Match

- Skinhead

- Griff Tannen




-Buford Tannen




-Red Thomas

-Red (1985)

-Mr Phipps

-Elmer Johnson

-Western Union Man

-Train Engineer

-Dave McFly

-Linda McFly

-Sam Baines

-Stella Baines

-Band Member



-Goldie Wilson

-Goldie Wilson (1955)

-Goldie Wilson III

Customs A-I


Land Vehicles

  • Skateboard
  • Truck
  • Police Car
  • 80's Car
  • Delorean (Plutonium)
  • DeLorean (Lightning)
  • DeLorean (Mr Fusion)
  • DeLorean (1955)
  • DeLorean DMC-12
  • 50's Car
  • 2015 Jeep
  • McFly Car
  • Demonstration car
  • Marty's 4x4
  • Needles' Truck
  • Horse
  • Horse-Drawn DeLorean
  • Wagon
  • 2015 Car
  • Motorbike
  • Biff's Car
  • Police Car (2015)
  • Griff's Car

Air Vehicles

  • DeLorean (Mr Fusion)
  • Police Car (2015)
  • Griff's Car
  • 2015 Jeep
  • Mattel Hoverboard
  • Rising Sun Hoverboard
  • No Tech Hoverboard
  • Pit Bull Hoverboard
  • Helicopter
  • Passenger Plane
  • 2015 Car

Water Vehicles

  • Pit Bull Hoverboard
  • Wetsuit (If you are wearing this when swimming in water, you can swim without drowning)

Rail Vehicles

  • Locomotive 131
  • DeLorean (Rail)
  • Jules Verne Train
  • Diesel Locomotive
  • Passenger Train
  • Locomotive 131 (With 'Delorean (rail)' on the front)

Free Roam

In this game, the free roam is very different. Although it still has a large world, you can visit the world in four (five if you count 1985A, which is accessible by taking the almanac and putting it on Biff's car. You can take it off again afterwards to get back to the real 1985)

Different unlockables are in each time period. The map also changes, so if your path is blocked in one time period, use a time machine to switch to another time period where that blockage isn't there!

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