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The Story begins with Bruce Wayne at a meeting with some of his co-workers at the Wayne Monor. Then Bruce Wayne gets a phone call from alfred saying he needs to return immediately. Bruce says that he needs to leave to the co-workers and leaves. Tim Drake is outside waiting in a limo and Bruce runs out quickly and jumps in the limo. Then were at the batcave and Alfred shows Bruce and Tim a recording from 2 hours ago. The clip shows Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Clayface, Bane, Scarecrow, Ra's al Guel, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Killer Moth, Poison Ivy, Man Bat, The Mad Hatter, The Ventrilaquist and Scareface, Black Mask, FireFly, Lock up, Hush, The Clock King, and Hugo Strange all escaping there jail cells into Arkam City. Alfred then turns around to see BRuce is gone. Then Batman comes out and Tim Drake leaves to get his Costume on. Then Batman and Robin jump into the batmobile and Robins Motorbike and head out to Arkam City.

The Characters talk again like in Lego Batman 2: DC Universe

Level 1: The Beginning with a Mad Movie

Batman and Robin arrive at the Arkam Jail where Comishiner Gordon is waiting for them. Gordon then tells Batman that The Mad Hatter is at the Arkam City Movie Theater.

Characters: Batman Robin

Bad Guys: Mad Hatter Goons

Boss: The Mad Hatter

Characters Unlocked: Batman, Robin

Level 2: Its 4 OClock

With The Mad Hatter Eskaped, Batman relises that he needs more help then just him and Robin. Batman Calls Alfred and Askes him to Cantact Batgirl and to meet them at the Arkam City Zoo. Then Robin Notices that the Arkam City ClockTower is being Attacked. They Run to the Tower as fast as they can.\

Characters: Batman Robin

Bad Guys: Clockers and Clock Goons

Boss: The Clock King

Level 3: Come here Sunny

Batman and Robin Come out of the Clock Tower with The Clock King and Police are Waiting for Them. Batman Throws The Clock King into the Police Car and he heads to Jail. Alfred Contacts BAtman and Says that BatGirl is on her way and also says that Killer Moth is Stealing Suplise from Hardwere Stores and bringing them to the Wayne Manor. Batman Tells Comishiner Gordon to meet them at the Wayne Manor. Then Batman and Robin hit the Road. When they arrive Batman Notices that the Mad Hatter is Building a Ray to Destroy the Sun and Killer Moth is helping him

Characters: Batman Robin

Bad Guys: Mad Hatter Goons

Boss: Killer Moth and Mad Hatter

Level 4: Freeze!

Killer Moth and The Mad Hatter are Put in to the police cars and sent to jail. Batman then tells Robin that they are going to the Zoo. Comishiner Gordon then says that The Security Guards are missing from the zoo. Batman and Robin then get going.

Characters: Batman Robin

Bad Guys: Mr. Freeze Goons and Penguin Minions

Mini Boss: Gotham Zoo Security guards ( who are brainwashed into thinking they are penguins Guards)

Boss: Mr Freeze and Penguin

Level 5: Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Batman is About to get Frozen by Mr. Freeze when Batgirl Comes Swooping in and Knocks Mr. Freeze Down. Robin then puts Them in HandCuffs and Brings them to the Police. Batgirl Tells Batman That Catwoman has Gotten the Chaos Emrald from the Museam. Batman then Jumps in the BatMobile and tells Batgirl to Jump in Robins Moterbike. Robin and BatGirl ride the Motor bike to find Catwoman.

Vheicles: Batmobile: Robins MotorBike

Bad Guys: Goon Vheicles

Boss: Catwoman's Bike

Vhiecles unlocked: Batmobile, Robins MotorBike

Level 6: The Case for a Vase

Catwoman Gets away after The Batmobile is Shot by a Goon Vheicle. Batman Robin and Batgirl then sees Comishiner Gordon and they ask for a ride. When they arrive at an Old and Abandoned Hotel where Catwoman is Hiding they have a look around.

Characters: Batman Robin Batgirl Comishiner Gordon

Bad Guys: Cat Goons

Boss: Catwoman

Characters Unlocked: Batgirl, Comishiner Gordon

Level 7: Have a Scare

Comishiner Gordon Takes Catwoman away to jail. Batman Calls Alfred to see where the next Villion is. Alfred then says that its Scarecrow and was abou tto say something when he hung up. BatmanCalled his name twice but no reply. BAtman then Tells Batgirl to go to jail. Batman and Robin head back to the batcave. When they arrive he noticed that Alfred was Kidnapped. then he reads a note from the scarecrow saying "IF you want to see your butler again BATMAN, come and get him at the gotham grave. They Head over there

Characters: Batman Robin

BAd Guys: Pumpkin Goons

Boss: ScareCrow

Level 8: An Apple a Day keeps the Bat Away

With Scarecrow down and Alfred save Batman heads back to the Batcave. He looks up where Man Bat is. Man Bat was at the Gotham Catherdrial and they head on over there.

Characters: Batman Robin

Bad Guys: Mini Man Bats

Boss: None

Level 9: Man Bat Flies Again

Man Bat Eskaped Before Batman Arrived at the Cathedrial. Batman then sees the Bat signal. He and Robin then go to find out whats going on. When they arrive he notices that Nightwing was the one who pushed the bat signal. Nightwing then Explains that he pushed the Signal because Man bat was destroying windows all around gotham and was heading toawds Bruce Wayne's Mansion.

Characters: Batman Robin Nightwing

Bad Guys: Mini ManBAts and Firefly goons

Mini Boss: Firefly

Boss: ManBat

Characters Unlocked: Nightwing

Level 10: The Brave and the Lock

Firefly and ManBat go down to jail. Nightwing then tells batman that it was late. Then the next morning Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, and Alfred wake up to see the MAnsion was Locked up. Lock up is waiting with BatGirl Tied to a Chair. Bruce Knew it was too LAte to Change into Batman so they have to fight him as is.

Characters: Bruce Wayne Tim Drake Dick Grayson

Boss: Lock Up

Characters Unlocked: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake

Level 11: Riddle Me This

With Lock up down and Batgirl safe, Bruce turns into Batman alogn with the others. Then a Box Comes Falling into Bruce Wayne's Mansion. It belonged to the Riddler. IT gave a hint to where he was. the hint was letters of Wayne tower.

Characters: Batman Robin Nightwing Batgirl

Bad Guys: Riddler Goons

Boss: Riddler

Level 12: Two Times the Evil

Riddler is forced to tell where Two Face is because o fhow dangerous he is. Riddler dident tell until Commishiner Gordon Showed him a Paper saying he is forced to stay behind bars for life. Riddle then says he is at The Gotham City Hall. Batman says Riddler will go with them until they get Two Face. Btagirl gos with Nightwing to the Batcave for more info

Characters: Batman Robin Riddler

Bad Guys: Two Face Goons Riddler Goons

Boss: Riddler and Two Face

Charatcers Unlocked: Riddler and TwoFace( Twoface is playable after you depheat him because city hall is falling apart and they have to escpae in time)

Level 13: Have a Laugh

Riddler and Two Face go to Jail and then Nightwing comes back and tells that Ventrilaquist and Scarface and going to take over Gotham Theater. Robin tells Batman that he will go and fix the Batmobile while he and Nightwing go and stop Ventrilaquist.

Characters: Batman Nightwing

Bad Guys: Vntrilaquist Goons Scarface Goons

Boss: Ventrilaquist and Scarface

Level 14: Blackout

Batman and Nightwing Return to the Batcave where Robin is repairing the Batmobil and Batgirl is looking up on the batcomputer about clothes. Alfred askes Batman how it went, when an emergancy buzzer starts on the Batcomputer. Batgirl clicks on it and is shows Black Mask shooting at a billboard with Batman on it. Batman and Batgirl leave to get Black Mask.

Vhiecles: BatBike Robins Motor Bike

Bad Guys: Black Cars

Boss: Black Mask's Tank

Level 15: Roses are Red Violets are Blue Poison is Purple

Comishiner Gordon arrives in his Police Car and Arrests Black Mask when the Police Car Blows up and Black Mask Runs off. Poison Ivy is seen with a Remote and points it at the BatBike and blows it up. Batman then Runs after her.

Characters: Batman Batgirl Comishiner Gordon

Bad Guys: Poison Ivy Goons

Boss: Poison Ivy

Level 16: Crocadile Hunter

Robin puts th efinal touch on the Batmobile when Batman Returns. Robin asks where is the batbike. BAtman give Robin the Pieces to fix it then Nightwing tells Batman that Killer Croc is Out at the Gotham River heading toawds the Water Works. Batman Jumps on the BatBoat and Nightwing Jumps on his JetSki and head off.

(Part 1)

Viecles: BatBoat Nightwings Jetski

Bad Guys: Crocodiles

Boss: Killer Croc's Boat

When they arrive at the Water Works they jump off when the BatBoat Explodes. Black MAsk is seen with the remote that Poison IVy had. Nightwing then Grabs his MotorCycle and Chases after him. Batman Calls Robin to Get the Pieces of the Batboat.

(Part 2)

Characters: Batman Nightwing

Bad Guys: BlackMask Goons and Croc Goons

Boss: Killer Croc and Black Mask

Characters unlocked: BatBoat and Nightwing's JetSki

Level 17: Ra's Al Guel's Revenge

Killer Croc and Black Mask are brought to Jail and Robin got the Pieces of the Batboat. BatGirl asks Batman Where the Next Villain is. Batman Calls Alfred and askes where the next villain is. Ra's al Guel then says "Batman Looking for Me" BAtman Tells Alfred "I Think I know who" and they go after him.

Characters: Batman Batgirl Nightwing

Bad Guys: Guel Soldiers

Mini Boss: Tilia Al Guel

Boss: Ra's Al Guel

Level 18: Hugo Moungus

Nightwing contacts Comishiner Gordon to Arrest Ra's Al Guel when Batman Interrupts him. He Sees Hugo Strange with a Bomb on top of the Hospital. Batman and Batgirl run after him as quick as they can

Characters: Batman Batgirl

Bad Guys: Hugo Goons

Bass: Hugo Strange

Level 19: Hush Little Batman

Batman and Batgirl return to the Batcave and Robin then tells BAtman that he finished the BatMobil and BatBike and BatBoat. Batman then sees Hush on the screen at the Gotham FireStation, BAtman and Robin Get into the BatWing and BatCopter and Fly to the Fire Station

(Part 1)

Viecles: BatWing BatCopter

BadGuys: Hush Copters

Boss: Giant Hush Copter

Batman then Shoots the Hush Copter down when both the BatWing and BatCopter explode. Batman and Robin use there Grapling hooks to save themselves. Robin then says to himsel that hes going to fix those. BAtman and Robin then go and get Hush.

(Part 2)

Characters: Batman Robin

Goons: Hush Goons

Boss: Hush

Characters Unlocked: BatWing and BatCopter

Level 20: Model of Clay

Batman and Robin retun back to the Batcave and Robin grabs his tools to fix the Batwing and BatCopter. Alfred then notices a Drip of Clay coming from the Top of the Roof. Clayface then Appears and Breaks the BatComputer. Batman Batgirl and Nightwing get ready for battle.

Characters: Batman Batgirl Nightwing

Boss: ClayFace

Level 21: Bane

Clayface is seen being taken away by police officers when Comishiner Gordon askes Batman what happened. Batman Explains when Alfred interrupts him. Batman then notices that Bane in on the loose. Batman then gets ready for battle.

Characters: Batman Comishiner Gordon

Bad Guys: Bane Goons

Boss: Bane

Level 22: The Final Battle

Batman Robin BatGirl Nightwing and Comishiner Gordon all ride up in there viecles ( BatMobile, Robins Motor Bike, Nightwigs Motoercycle, Police Car, And the BatBike) and Joker and Harley Quinn are seen waiting for them. The Final BAttle Begins

Characters: BAtman Robin Nightwing Batgirl Comishiner gordon

Goons: Joker Goons

Boss Joker (Part 1) Harley Quinn and Joker (Part 2)

In the End Comishiner Gordon arrests Joker and Harley and Batman Is Given an award the next morning along with his fellow Assistants

Bonus Levels:

Level 1: The Rage of Riddle

Characters: Riddler, Two Face, Joker, Bane

Level 2: Ice and Heat

Characters: Mr Freeze, Penguin, Killer Croc, and Clock King

Level 3: Arkam fear:

Characters: Scarecrow, Vintrilaquist and Scarface, ClayFace, and the MadHatter

Level 4: Flying high

Characters: Man Bat, Hush, Ra's Al Guel, and Tilia al Guel

Level 5: Build and Crash

Characters: Black Mask, Hugo Strange, Lock up, and Killer Moth

Level 6: Girls and a Bug

Characters: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Firefly, and CatWoman

Note: This is how you unlock the Villains of the game ( Except Riddler and Two Face)

Other Playable Characters:

Alfred: 1,000

All Goons: 1,500

Huntress: 2,000

Barbra Gordon: 1,500

Police Officer: 1,000

Bruce Wayne's Co Worker: 1,000

Riddler from Original Lego Batman: 2,500

SuperMan: 5,000

Penguin Minion: 1,250

Tropical Joker: 3,000

Blue and Yellow Harley Quinn: 3,000

Tropical Penguin: 3,000

Tropical Riddler: 3,000

Bane from The Dark Night Rises: 5,000

Skeleton: 1,500

Ra's al Guel Soldier: 1,500

Mini Man Bat: 1,250

Zoo Security Quard: 2,500

Lex Luthor: 5,000

Tweedledee: 2,500

Tweedledum: 2,500

Azrael: 3,000

The Creeper: 2,500

Blue Catwoman: 3,000

Bruce Wayne's Mom: 2,000

Bruce Wayne's Dad: 2,000

Bruce Wayne's Maid: 1,000



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