Lego Batman 3: The Dark Knight trilogy is a sequel to Lego Batman and Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes. It is based off The Dark Knight Trilogy, a trilogy of movies directed by Christopher Nolan. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are the three main levels.

Batman Begins

1. The Prison

Playable Characters: Bruce Wayne, Prisoner

Main Locations: Bhutanese Prison

Objective: Fight off the prisoners attacking you.

Achievement: Practice

2. The League of Shadows

Playable Characters: Bruce Wayne (Ninja), Ra's Al Ghul (Henri Ducard)

Main Locations: Mountain, Training Facility

Objective: Reach the top of the mountain. Inside the training facility, defeat ten ninjas. Then fight Ra's Al Ghul (Henri Ducard). Later, escape the burning Temple.

Boss: Ten ninjas, (three hearts each) Ra's Al Ghul (Henri Ducard) (Five hearts.)

3. The Batcave

Playable Characters: Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth

Main Locations: Wayne Manor, the Batcave.

Objective: Leave Wayne Manor, and find the entrance to the Batcave. Explore the Batcave.

4. The Warehouse

Playable Characters: Batman, James Gordon (Sergeant)

Main Locations: Warehouse

Objective: Fight Jonathan Crane and his henchmen, then find Falcone.

Boss: Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) (6 hearts)


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