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Batcave Fix Up Disaster

Players: Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Superman, The Flash

Enemies: Two Face Henchmen

Brainiac Dog Fight

Players: Batwing, Robins Helicopter

Enemies: UFOs

Boss: Braniacs UFO - 4 hearts

Searching for clues

Players: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Arkum Inmates

Boss: Mr. Freeze - 9 heart

Mad Science

Players: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Joker Henchmen

Boss: Mad Hatter - 6 hearts

Tank Sabotage

Players: Batman, Robin

Enemies: Two Face Henchmen

Boss: Fuel Box - 3 metal hearts

To Metropolis

Players: Batman, Superman

Enemies: Brainwashed Citizens

Boss: Brainwashing Machine - 4 metal hearts

Company in the Zoo

Players: Batman, Robin

Boss: Gorilla Grodd - 4 metal hearts

The final Showdown

Players: Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash

Enemies: Two Face Henchmen

Boss: Brainiac - 16 hearts

Lego Gotham City

Players: any character you unlocked

Boss: Collect 1,000,000 Studs


Batman - Batarang, Grapple

Batman (Firework Suit) - Launches Explosive Fireworks that can destroy metal objects, Super Strength

Batman (Mech Suit) - Super Strength, Picks up Objects that have a picture of a weight on them

Batman (Snow Suit) - Freezes Water to make a Path

Batman (Voltage Suit) - Electric Punch, Passes through Electric Barriers, Charges Batteries, Super Strength

Batman (Glide Suit) - Glide

Robin - Batarang, Grapple

Robin (Gym Suit) - High Jump, Stealth

Robin (Samurai Suit) - Deflects Bullets Back, Super Strength

Robin (Toxic Suit) - Swim in Toxic Waste, Super Strength

Robin (Magnet Suit) - Climbs Magnet Walls, Disarm Weapons

Robin (Fire Suit) - Burns Snow Mountains in the Way

Superman - Flight, Freeze Breath, Super Breath, Heat Vision, X ray Vision, Super Strength, Invincibillity, Super Build

Nightwing - Night Sticks, Stealth

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