The Batman Ideas

Alright here we go (Cracks hands breaks fingers) umm I need to replace these, be back in a split. Wow that was fast! Ok this is were we really go umm well i dont know much about batman and superheroes so umm this is hard. Well to start it I have to say that the first level would be You Can Bank On Batman no I'm just kidding that was the first level in number 1 of Lego Batman. The real idea is (taps drums) The New Begining in the level Batman thinks he is done with his crime fighting and wants to come to Arkham Asylum to check on the villans to just do something then siting on a chair eating potato chips and drinking soda watching Tv (no I'm just kidding). Alright the two characters are of course you know are Batman and Robin (sorry Robin that you can't be first). The piont of the game is to start from the entrance of the bat cave to Arkham Asylum. Then when you get there you here a time bomb and then Arkham explods and the villans escape and go to random places. That was long but it was fun right? Well I'll see you round. Bye!

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