This Game is based on Ben 10

The first 5 levels:

1. Vulkanus Attacks

Characters: Ben (XLR8, Fourarms and Greymatter.), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Boss: Vulkanus. (7 hearts)

2. Charmed

Characters: Gwen and Grampa Max.

Bosses: Charmcaster. (7 hearts) and Hex.(3 hearts)

Enemies: Rock creatures.

3. Enochs Retaliation

Characters: Ben (Heatblast, Wildmutt, Upgrade and Ripjaws.), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Boss: Enoch. (7 hearts)

Enemies: Forevor Knights.

4. Six Six Smackdown


Characters: Ben (Diamondhead, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly and Greymatter.) and Gwen.

Boss: Six Six. (4 heats)

5. Super Sublimino

Characters: Gwen and Grampa Max.

Bosses: Sublimino. (7 hearts) and Hypnotized Ben. (Wildmutt, Diamondhead, XLR8 and Greymatter.) (14 hearts)

6. A Magical Mass Destruction

Characters: Ben (Heatblast, Ghostfreak, Fourarms, Wildmutt and Diamondhead.), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Bosses: Charmcaster. (7 hearts) and Hex. (13 hearts)

The Second 5 levels:

1. Circus Freaks

Characters: Ben (Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Diamondhead, XLR8 and Upgrade.), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Bosses: Acid Breath. (7 hearts.) Fright Wig. (10 hearts) and Thumbskull. (3 hearts)

2. Woof Woof!

Characters: Ben (Stinkfly, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Heatblast and Benwolf.), Gwen and Ky.

Boss: The Yanaldushi. (7 hearts)

3. Dr. Viktor

Characters: Ben (Ripjaws, Greymatter and Benviktor.) and Grampa Max.

Boss: Dr. Viktor. (10 hearts)

Enemies: Nasca Office workers.

4. Zombozo

Characters: Ben (Wildvine, Benwolf, Fourarms, Upgrade and Upchuck.), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Boss: Zombozo. (9 hearts)

Enemies: Clowns.

5. Haunted House Party

Characters: Ben (Stinkfly, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Diamondhead and Upchuck.) and Gwen.

Boss: The Mummy. (4 hearts.)

6. Freaky

Characters: Ben (Benmummy, Benwolf and Benviktor.)

Boss: Ghostfreak. (14 hearts)

The Third 6 levels:

1. Vilgax Attacks

Characters: Ben (Diamondhead, Wildmutt, Cannonbolt, Wildvine and XLR8.), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Boss: Vilgax. (13 hearts)

Enemies: Drones.

2. Drone Demolition

Characters: Ben (Wildmutt, Diamondhead, Greymatter and Heatblast), Gwen and Grampa Max.

Boss: Giant Drone. (7 hearts)

Enemies: Drones.

3. Kevin 11

Characters: Ben (Upgrade, Heatblast, XLR8, Benmummy and Diamondhead.)

Boss: Kevin 11. (10 hearts)

4. Animo's Revenge

Characters: Ben (Stinkfly, Upchuck, Ripjaws, Wildmutt and Wildvine.) Grampa Max, Cooper and two Plumbers.

Boss: Dr. Animo. (9 hearts) and Clancy. (4 hearts)

5. Rojo Rampage.

Characters: Ben (Cannonbolt, Fourarms, XLR8, Heatblast, Upgrade, Stinkfly, and Greymatter), Gwen and Cooper.

Boss: Rojo.(7 hearts)

Enemies: Bikeys.

6. Vilgax Reurns for More

Characters: Ben (Heatblast, Fourarms, XLR8, Cannonbolt, Wildvine and Waybig.), Gwen, Grampa Max and Cooper.

Boss: Vilgax. (20 hearts)

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