LEGO Ben Ten is the theme that follows around Ben Tennyson of Cartoon Network. The First Wave is based on the first episodes of the season. There are a total of 18 sets in the first wave.

Ben Ten (Original):

Wave 1:

400000 Campsite Attack

Price: 60$

Minifigures: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Max Tennyson, Heatblast, Wildmutt, Diamondhead

400001 Mutant Rampage

Price 40$

Minifigures: FourArms, Gwen Tennyson, Doctor Animo

400002 Limax Attack Battle Pack

Price: 15$

Minifigures: Ghostfreak, Heatblast, Limax x2

400008 Bank Robbery

Price: 30$

Minifigures: Wildmutt, Acidbreath, Thumbskull

Ben Ten: Alien Force:

Wave 1:

400003 Weapons Trade Battle Pack

Price: 15$

Minifigures: Forever Knight, DNA Alien, Swampfire, Gwen Tennyson

400004 Kevin's Car

Price: 20$

Minifigures: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin

400005 Sherrif Jail

Price 20$

Minifigures: Alan Albright, Police Officer

400006 DNA Alien Weather Machine

Price: 50$

Minifigures: Sherrif Mason, Alan Albright (Pyronite), Swampfire, DNA Alien, DNA Alien (Suit)

400007 Rustbucket Garage Deal

Price: 40$

Minifigures: Kevin Levin, Big Chill, Argit

400009 Baz-El's Spaceship

Price 30$

Minifigures: Baz-El, Humungosaur, Julie Yamamoto

Ben Ten: Ultimate Alien:

400010 Necrofriggian Temple

Price: 120$

Minifigures: Kevin Levin, Gwen Tennyson, Ben Tennyson, Aggregor (Ultimate), Necrofriggian (Cloaked), Necrofriggian (Uncloaked), Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo, Four Arms

400011 Andreas' Prison

Price: 40$

Minifigures: Andreas, Argit, Goop, Sir Dagonet

400012 Surgeon's Drill

Price: 25$

Minifigures: Surgeon, Hammer, Buzz, Ultimate Humungusaur

Ben Ten: Omniverse:

400013 Fistrick's Mecha Suit

Price: 20$

Minifigures: Fistrick, Gravattack

400014 Street Chase

Price: 25$

Minifigures: Rook Blonko, Clockwork, Corvo, Nosedeenian

400015 Doctor Animo's Spire

Price: 40$

Minifigures: Doctor Animo, Crashhopper, x2 Mutant Ants (BrickBuilt), Mucilator (BrickBuilt)

400016 Undertown Battle

Price 60$

Minifigures: Rook Blonko, Shocksquatch, Armodrillo, Psyphon, Alien Merchant, Alien Tram Driver, Buglizard

400017 Khyber's Ship

400018 Kraaho Drill

Price 50$

Minifigures: Ester, Rook Blonko, Ben Tennyson, NRG (True Form), Seebik

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