Lego call of duty

Lego Call of Duty is a game created by Traveller'sTales and produced by Activision. It is based on the award winning series created by both Infinity Ward and Treyarch, revolving mostly on the Modern Warfare and Black Ops saga.


Players can explore famous locations in both of the sagas mentioned above and different timelines. There are only four timelines in the game:

  • World War Two- This is where the events of World At War takes place.
  • First Cold War-This is where the events of Black Ops and some of Black Ops 2 take place.
  • World War Three-This is where the events of the entire Modern Warfare saga takes place.
  • Second Cold War-This is were some events of Black Ops 2 take place.

There is no main hub,allowing you to start in any location that you have unlocked, however. Below you will see every level and the games, which are six in total.

Black Ops Saga(1942-2025)

World At War

Chapter 1:Marine Raiders

Chapter 2:World at War

Chapter 3:Eviction

Chapter 4:Black Cats

Chapter 5:Breaking Point

Chapter 6:Downfall

Black Ops

Chapter 1:Operation 40

Chapter 2:Vorkuta

Chapter 3:S.O.G.

Chapter 4:Project Nova

Chapter 5:Rebirth

Chapter 6:Redemption

Black Ops 2

Chapter 1:The Past and the Present

Chapter 2:Time and Fate

Chapter 3:Karma

Chapter 4:Suffer with Me

Chapter 5:Cordis Die

Chapter 6:Judgement Day

Modern Warfare Saga(1996-2017)

Modern Warfare

Chapter 1:Crew Expendable

Chapter 2:Black Out

Chapter 3:Shock and Awe

Chapter 4:All Ghillied Up

Chapter 5:Sins of the Father

Chapter 6:Game Over

Modern Warfare 2

Chapter 1:Team Player

Mw2 heroes

Chapter 2:Task Force 141

Chapter 3:World War Three

Chapter 4:Whiskey Hotel

Chapter 5:Loose Ends


r 6:Endgame

Modern Warfare 3

Chapter 1:Black Tuesday

Chapter 2:Disavowed

Chapter 3:Delta Force

Chapter 4:Blood Brothers

Chapter 5:Scorched Earth

Chapter 6:Dust to Dust

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