Lego Charlotte's Web is an all new Lego series based on the book and movie of the exact same title. Lego Mini Figures include Fern, Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Arable, Edith and Homer Zuckerman, Dr. Dorian and Lurvy. The Lego creature figures include Wilbur the Pig, Charlotte A Cavatica, the spider, Templeton the Rat, Samuel the Sheep, Ike the Horse, Gussie the Goose, Golly the Gander, Bitsy the Cow, Betsy the Cow, Brooks the Crow, Elwyn the Crow and Uncle, a very large pig.

Lego building sets

The Arable family's house

  • Fern Arable
  • Avery Arable
  • Mr. Arable
  • Mrs. Arable

The Zuckerman Farm Yard

Dr. Dorian's office

  • Dr. Dorian
  • Mrs. Arable

The State Fair

  • Fern Arable
  • Henry Fussy
  • Homer Zuckerman
  • Edith Zuckerman
  • Uncle, a very large pig

Charlotte's Off Springs

  • Joy
  • Arania
  • Nellie

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