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Lego Club Penguin: the Video Game
LEGO Theme:

Club Penguin

LEGO Theme:

Club Penguin


Fireninja Games


Fireninja Games





Date Released:


Date Released:



Action, Adventure, Puzzle


Action, Adventure, Puzzle


Single Player, 2 Player


Single Player, 2 Player






PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PC


PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PC


The gameplay in Lego Club Penguin is slightly different than other LEGO games. In the first sections, players move similarly to other games like running, jumping, fighting, and tagging. In addition, in between levels are open world spaces that players run through.


Aunt Arctic (also as Classic) - turns into the Director to hide from enemies, Can get Puffle to cliimb through vents

Cadence (also as Classic) - Soundwaves, Can get Lolz to crawl through vents Gary - Hacking Computers, Ghoul Detector 3000 (Halloween Party only), Crab Translator 3000

Rockhopper (also as Classic) - can get Yarr to climb through vents, Sword

Sensei (also as Fire, Water, Epic Robes, Snow) - Martial arts Expert, Hot Sauce, Water Ballon, Giant Snowball, Double Jump, turning Invisible

G Billy (also as Classic) - Drumsticks, Violin

Stompin Bob (also as Classic) - Red Guitar, Bass

Petey K (also as Classic) - Accordian

Franky (also as Classic) - Ukalale, Microphone

Rookie (also as Classic) - Propeller Cap, Boxing Gun, Puts on Curly Moustache to hide from enemies, Hack into Computers

PH - Throws Puffles, Can get Puffle to climb through vents, Hacks into Computers

Herbert P. Bear - Giant Snowballs, Super Strength, Bomb

The Director - hacks Computers, Turns into Aunt Arctic

Dot - Changes into an Enemy Costume and does not raise any Suspicion

Jet Pack Guy - Flys

Klutzy - Solar Laser

Ultimate Proto Bot 10000 - Invicibility, Super Strength, Laser Eyes, Fast Movement

Blue Penguin

Green Penguin

Pink Penguin

Black Penguin

Yellow Penguin

Dark Purple Penguin

Brown Penguin

Peach Penguin

Red Penguin

Orange Penguin

Dark Green Penguin

Light Blue Penguin

Lime Green Penguin

Aqua Penguin

Arctic White Penguin

Hydro Hopper Penguin - Throws rings to trap enemies

Pet shop Owner - can get puffle to climb through vents, throws puffles

Pizza Chef - Throws Pizzas

Rory - Fixs Things

Coffee shop Barista

Jet Pack Surfer - Jet Pack

Gift Shop Owner - Dresses as enemies so they he won't suspicion





Santa Claus - Attacks with Toy Bag

Scrooge - Cane

Rodgerdodger - can crawl through vents

DanieID - Can crawl through vents

Tommy - Soundwaves

Jeff - Soundwaves

Blazer X.  - moves fast on Snow

Joe - Summons Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

Bernie - Can get Fluffy to crawl through Vents

Jet Bot - Flys

EPF Agent - EPF Gadgets

Snow Bot - Moves faster on snow

Wheel Bot - Speed

Shadow Guy - Shadow Bolt, Fly

Gamma Guy - Gamma bolt, Fly

Ninja - turns invisible, Martial Arts Expert

Fire Ninja - Catches on Fire

Water Ninja - Shoots Water

Red Puffle - Shoots himself out of Cannon

Blue Puffle - throws 3 snowballs that go faster than normal

Yellow Puffle - Magic paintbrush to paint stuff and it comes alive

Orange Puffle - eats objects and upchucks it

Green Puffle - Flys

Black Puffle - Catches into Flames

White Puffle - Freezes Enemies

Pink Puffle - Lassos enemies to trap them

Purple Puffle - Blows bubbles to trap Enemies

Brown Puffle - Fixs things

Great Puffle Circus Ringmaster - turns invisible

Flare - fixs things


Spike Hike - Moderator Access

Rsnail - Moderator Access

Billybob - Moderator Access

Screenhog - Moderator Access

Happy77 - Moderator Access

Buissnessmoose - Moderator Access

Polo Field - Moderator Access

Chattabox - Moderator Access


EPF Adventures

Ninja Adventures

Sports Adventures

Game Adventures

Party Adventures

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