Corpse Bride lego

Lego Corpse Bride is a game based on the stop-motion film from the mind of Tim Burton. Relive the twisted romance adventure in lego form and take control of any character from the film.

Victorian Village

The main hub of the game is the victorian village that Victor and the others call home. From here you can access Van Dort home, the Everglot mansion, the church, the clock shop, the fish shop and other places in town. You can also acess the Land of the Dead in the forest where you can explore the colorful landscape below.


Part I: 

A Glorious Day for a Wedding

Summary: In Victor's room, find a way to release the butterfly and head downstairs to where Mayhew is waiting with the carriage. Fix it up and board to set off for the Everglot's house. Inside the carriage, help Nell Van Dort through the entrance.

Characters: Victor Van Dort, William Van Dort

Enemies: none

Boss: none

The Wedding Rehersal

Summary: Fix up the house so it is suitable for the Van Dort's arrival. After the adults head into the west drawing room, fix the piano up and play it. At the wedding rehersal, contain the flames and find a way to put them all out.

Characters: Maudeline Everglot, Finis Everglot, Victoria (Corset), Victor Van Dort, Victoria Everglot

Enemies: Flame Creatures

Boss: none

The Corpse Bride

Summary: Make your way through the forest at night as Victor practices his vows. Place the ring on Emily's hand sticking up from the ground to summon the corpse bride. Fight Emily back and flee as fast as possible to the bridge.

Characters: Victor Van Dort, Crow

Enemies: Skeleton, Undead Corpse, Skeletal Hand

Boss: Emily (3 hearts)

A Breather

Summary: In the pub in the Land of the Dead, fight off the skeletons fighting for Victor's attention. As Bone Jangles tells Emily's story, help direct the light and the shadows. When the exit door opens, exit the pub.

Characters: Victor (Torn Suit), Emily

Enemies: Skeleton, Undead Corpse

Boss: none

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