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 This game is based of crash bandicoot and the wrath of Cortex.

Section heading

Arctic Antics

Players: Crash

Enemies: Penguins, Skiers

Tornado Alley

Players: Crashes Plane

Bosses: 6 Tornado Makers - 5 hearts each


Players: Crash (Ball)

Objective: make it to the end without falling!

Wizards and Lizards

Players: Crash

Enemies: Wizards, Lizards, Knights

Boss: Dragon - 4 silver hearts Compactor Reactor

Players: Minecart/Crash/Crash (Ball)

Enemies: Compact Workers, Elite Compact Workers

Boss: Crunch (Ball) - 3 hearts

Jungle Rumble

Players: Crash/Jeep

Enemies: Female Archers, Rhinos

Seashell Shenidagins

Players: Crash (Underwater)/Submarine

Enemies: Jellyfish, Frogmen, Nemo fish

Banzai Bonsai

Players: Coco

Enemies: Pelicans, Fish, Lizards, Magicians, Bell Ringers

That Sinking Feeling

Players: Dragonfly

Bosses: 6 ships - 5 hearts each

H2 Oh no!

Players: Submarine/Crash

Enemies: Scientists, Toxic Workers, Eels

Boss: Crunch (Spirit) - 4 hearts

The Gaunlet

Players: Crash

Enemies: Knights, Wizards


Players: Coco/Scooter

Enemies: Old Man, Truck, Eel

Smokey and the Bandicoot

Players: Crashes Car

Bosses: 3 other cars - 1 heart each, Smokey - 3 hearts

Eskimo Roll

Players: Crash (Ball)

Enemies: Penguins

Bosses: Tiny - 3 hearts, Dingodile - 6 hearts, N Tropy - 3 hearts

Fahreinheit Frenzy

Players: Crash (Jetpack)/Crash

Enemies: Toxic Workers, Scientists (Black), Cortex Droid

Boss: Crunch (Rock Monster) - 3 hearts


Players: Coco/Coco (Skis)

Enemies: Penguins, Skiers

Droid Void

Players: Crash/Crash (Mech)

Enemies: Cortex Trooper, Cortex Droid, Worker Droid, Scientist (Black)


Players: Coco's Spaceship

Bosses: 3 space stations - 12 hearts each

Coral Canyon

Players: Sub/Crash (Underwater)

Enemies: Same Enemies from seashell shenidagans

Weathering Heights:

Players: Crash/Crashes Plane

Enemies: Toxic Worker, Cortex Droid, Kortex Trooper, Scientist

Boss: Crunch (God) - 16 hearts

Crash and Burn

Players: Crash

Enemies: Traverler, Lizard, Crab, Parrot

Gold Rush

Players: Crash/Train

Enemies: Pelican, Cow, Scorpion, Cowboy

Medevil Madness

Players: Crash (Ball)

Boss: Tiny - 4 hearts, Dingodile - 3 hearts, N Tropy - 6 hearts

Crate Balls of Fire

Players: Crash/Mech

Enemies: Cortex Droid, Worker Droid

Cortex Vortex

Players: Crash

Enemies: Scientist (Sheild), Cortex Trooper, Scientist (Black), Scientist

Boss: Cortex - 16 hearts, Crunch - 4 silver hearts

Section heading


Crash - Spin Attack, Bazooka - High Jump

Coco - Hacks into Computers - High Jump

Aku Aku - Elemental Powers

Crunch - Super Strenght, Elemental Powers

Dr. Neo Cortex

Rok-yo - throws rocks

Wa-Wa - shoots water

Py-Ro - Throws fireball

Lo-lo - turns into tornado

Uka Uka - Elemental Powers

Penguin - Goes fast when on ice

Skier - goes fast when on ice

Wizard - Levitation, Shoots blue bolt, Turns anyone who comes near into a Frog

Lizard - Bites

Knight - Blocks Attacks, Fights with sword

Compact Worker - Fights with broom

Elite Compact worker - fights with Flame Thrower

Female Archer - High Jump, Shoots with Bow

Rhino - Runs Super Fast, Super Strength

Jellyfish - Shocks

Frogman - Latches on to objects

Nemo Fish



Magician - Teleports, Throws Wand as weapon

Bell Ringers - Ring a bell to summon 2 bodyguards

Scientist - throw a potion to control someone

Toxic Worker - Shoots Acid, can go in poisonus liquid

Eel - Shocks

Old Man

Smokey - same powers as crash except bazooka

Bandicoot -- same powers as smokey

Tiny - super strength

Dingodile - fights with flamethrower

N Tropy - Can freeze others

Scientist (Black) - throws potions faster

Cortex Droid - hacks into computers

Cortex Trooper - Shoots with blaster

Worker Droid - Hacks into computers




Cow - Kicks

Scorpion - Poison

Cowboy - Blows stuff up with dynamite

Scientist (Shield) - Blocks Attacks

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