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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Getting ready for School (not)

Summary: Find Gregs clothes and put them on!

Players: Greg (Underwear)/Greg (Shorts) (then Casual Greg but you don't get a chance to play as him because then a cutscene comes on of Dad catching Greg), Rodrick Heffely


Summary: Defend Chirag from the Shirt team!

Players: Greg (Shorts), Rowley (Shorts)

Enemies: Student (Shirts Team)

Protectives: Chirag - 5 hearts

A Flashback of the Past

Summary: Touch all 10 students with the Cheese Touch!

Players: Darren

Bosses: 10 Students - 1 heart each, Deiter Muller - 1 metal heart

Takedown! (PVP)

Summary: Who will win wrestling?

Players: Fregley (Wrestling), Greg (Wrestling)

Boss: You fight Greg if you play as Fregely and you fight Fregely if you play as Greg - Both 3 hearts each

Halloween Chaos

Summary: The Teenagers attack you! then you have to hide in grandma's house and find your way out. then outrun the teenagers and go to the devil worshiper woods and fight the Devil Worshipers.

Players: Greg (Halloween), Rowley (Halloween)

Enemies: Scarecrows, Devil Worshipers

Bosses: Teenager Truck - 3 hearts, Teenager Gang - 8 hearts each, Devil Worshiper King - 10 hearts

The Wheel (PVP)

Summary: Knock rowley off the Wheel

Players: Greg/The Wheel

Boss: Rowley - 4 hearts (Break the Wheel's Wheel's)/or if you play as the wheel avoid greg's Football

The Student of oz

Summary: Defeat Patty

Players: Greg (Tree), Student (Tree)

Boss: Patty Ferrel - 3 hearts

Mother Son sweetheart Dance

Summary: Impress everyone by dancing!

Players: Rowley (Suit), Rowley's Mum

Boss: Get 10 hearts from the Audience

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