This is a list of franchises and possible packs I think would work great for year 3 of Lego Dimensions. With Disney Infinity going down, Lego has the opportunity to add licenses under Disney, which could include Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, as well as classic Disney characters. I included 1 Story Pack, 7 Level Packs, 5 Team Packs and 27 Fun Packs, which came to 14 franchises, close to what Wave 1 had. Hope you like the list!



Story Pack/Fun Pack - Cinderella & Carriage (Character Swap to Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Merida)

Team Pack – Rapunzel and Flynn Rider & Maximus & Lantern (Flynn Big Transforms to Hook Handed Man)

Team Pack – Woody and Buzz Lightyear & Rex & Sid’s Rocket

Fun Pack – Mickey Mouse & Pluto

Fun Pack – Hercules & Pegasus

Fun Pack – Elsa & Sven (Character Swap to Ana and Kristof)

Fun Pack - Jack Sparrow & Black Pearl


Level Pack – Captain Quint & Orca & Bruce (Character Swap to Cooper and [maybe] Brody)

Fun Pack – Chief Brody & Police Truck

Men In Black

Level Pack - Agent J & Neuralyzer & Monocycle (Character Swap to Agent K)

Fun Pack - Frank the Pug & Jeff

Gravity Falls

Team Pack – Dipper and Mabel & Mystery Cart & Bill Cipher

Fun Pack – Grunkle Stan & Dimensional Portal (Character Swap to Ford)

Steven Universe

Level Pack – Steven & Lion & Garnet

Fun Pack – Pearl & Rose Canon (Character Swap to Amethyst)


Fun Pack – Leonardo & Shellraiser (Character Swap to Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello)

Fun Pack – Shredder & Shredder’s Drill

Star Wars

Level Pack – Rey & BB8 (Character Swap to Finn)

Team Pack – Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker & Imperial Walker & Y-Wing

Fun Pack – Han Solo & Millenium Falcon (Character Swap to Chewbacca)

Fun Pack – Yoda & X-Wing


Level Pack – Link & Epona (Character Swap to Young Link)

Team Pack – Mario and Luigi & Bowser & Mario’s Kart

Fun Pack - Captain Falcon & Blue Falcon

Fun Pack – Samus & Gun Ship


Level Pack – Iron Man & Hulk Buster & Tesseract

Team Pack - Thor and Loki & Chitari Skiff & Bifrost

Fun Pack – Black Widow & Helicarrier (Character Swap to Hawkeye and Nick Fury)

Fun Pack – Captain America & Motorcycle

Fun Pack – Bruce Banner & Ultron

Fun Pack – Falcon & Quinjet

Fun Pack – Dr. Strange & Book of Tomes

Indiana Jones

Level Pack – Indiana Jones & Ark & Venice Boat

Fun Pack – Henry Jones & Zepplin

Fun Pack – Short Round & Black Potion


Fun Pack – Rocky Balboa & Boxing Bag


Fun Pack – Terminator & Helicopter

Fun Pack - Sarah Connor & Skynet Device


Fun Pack – Robocop & Robocop’s Motorcycle

Alien V Predator

Fun Pack - Ellen Ripley & Alien

Fun Pack – Predator & Val Verde Starship


Level Pack – Sam Witwicky & Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

Fun Pack – Starscream & Megatron

Edward Scissorhands

Level Pack - Edward Scissorhands & Bush Sculpture & Ice Sculpture

Personal Picks

These will never happen, but I'd love them.

Rick and Morty

Team Pack - Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith & Rick's Spaceship & ___

Fun Pack - Jerry Smith & Meeseeks Box

Sweeney Todd

Level Pack - Sweeney Todd & Barber Chair & Oven

Alice in Wonderland

Level Pack - Alice & Blue Caterpillar & Eat Me Cake/Drink Bottle

Fun Pack - Mad Hatter & Teacup

Fun Pack - Queen of Hearts & Jabberwocky

Danny Phantom

Level Pack - Danny Phantom & Ghost Portal & Ghost Car

Team Pack - Sam Manson and Tucker Folley & ___ & ___


Level Pack - Frisk & Flowey & Soul

Team Pack - Sans and Papyrus & Gaster Blaster & Nice Cream Cart

Fun Pack - Undyne & Mettaton

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