Lego Doctor Who LEGACY is a series of polybag sets, sold in blind bags.

Modern Set 1 (Modern Season 1, Volume 1)

Name Based on Minifigure
Auton Attack! Rose Act 1 Rose Tyler
Fake Mickey! Rose Act 2 Fake Mickey
The Nestene! Rose Act 3 The Ninth Doctor
Platform 1! The End Of The World Act 1 Forest Of Cheem (Male Tree)
Robotic Spider! The End Of The World Act 2 Gabe
Cracking! The End Of The World Act 3 Cassandra
Victorian Times! The Unquiet Dead Act 1 Charles Dickens
Revival! The Unquiet Dead Act 2 Mrs Peace (Reanimated)
Rift Opening! The Unquiet Dead Act 3 Gwyneth

Modern Set 2 (Modern Season 1, Volume 2)

Coming Soon

Modern Set 3 (Modern Season 1, Volume 3)

Coming Soon

Modern Set 4 (Modern Season 1, Volume 4)

Coming Soon

Classic Set 1 (Classic Season 1, Block 1)

Coming Soon

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