Prologue: Shade of Fear

Characters: Durza (ambush), Urgal Sergeant(ambush)

Allies: 20 Urgals

Enemies:Varden Soldiers

Bosses: Glenwing(3 hearts), Faolin(4 hearts) Arya (ambush) (6 hearts)


1: Discovery

Part 1 Character: Eragon (bow), Part 2 Characters: Eragon (bow), Sloan (normal

Enemies: Part 1: Wolves and Foxes, Part 2:Rats.

Bosses: Part One:Bear (5 hearts), Part Two: King Rat (5 hearts)

2: The Hatchling

Characters:Eragon(bow), Saphira(baby)

Enemies: Small Deer and Foxes

Boss: Boar (5 hearts)

3: The Hooded Strangers

Characters: Brom (disguise).

Enemies:10 Soldiers (leather armour)

Bosses: Small Ra'zac (7 hearts), Large Ra'zac(8 hearts)

4:Ambush at Yazuac

Characters: Eragon(Za'roc, spell), Brom


Bosses: Urgal 1 (6 hearts), Urgal 2 (5 hearts)

5: Teirm

Characters; Eragon (bow, Za'roc, basic spells), Brom (traveller), Jeod (Teirm)


Enemies: Galbatorix's Soldiers

6: The Death of Brom

Characters: Eragon (basic spells, Za'roc), Brom (wounded), Murtagh (traveller)

Setting: Eragon's Camp

Bosses: The Two Ra'zac (6 hearts 1st round, 7 hearts 2nd round, 4 hearts 3rd round)

7: Gil'ead

Characters: Part 1: Eragon (standard spells, Za'roc), Murtagh (traveller), Saphira., Part 2:Eragon (

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