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Episode 1: Benders Big Score


Objective: Do the Limbo!

Players: Bender, Hermes (Shirtless)

Boss: its PVP level, you can Compete against either Bender or Hermes


Objective: Defeat the Spammers

Players: 2 Nibbler UFO's

Bosses: 3 Spammers - 6 hearts each

Back in Time

Objective: Steal the Mona Lisa, Steal the Sarcophugus, Steal the Nobel Prize

Players: Bender (Virus)

Enemies: Artists, Slaves

Boss: Tuxedo Guy - 6 hearts

Finding Fry

Objective: Find and Defeat Fry

Players: Bender (Sunglasses)

Boss: Fry

Santa Attack

Objective: Fight Santa then Defuse the Bomb!

Players: Fry, Lela, Lars, Farmsworth, Zoidberg, Nibbler, Amy, Bender, Hermes (Backwards), Newspaper Robot

Bosses: Santa - 3 Metal Hearts, Bomb - 1 metal Heart

Wedding Crasher/Narwall Hunt - Side Story Level

Objective: Find Leelu/Stop the Wedding

Players: Fry (Tuxedo), Bender (Tuxedo)/Fry (Fisherman), Narwall Hunter Captain, Eskimo

Time to fight back!

Objective: Defeat the Spammers

Players: Planet Express, Mob of Ships

Enemies: Golden Death Stars

Episode 2:


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