Lego God of War 3 Kratos Forever is an upcoming videogame from T T and Lego. It is based on God of War Chains of Olympus and other videogames which had Kratos, in a lot or a few parts.

You can play with Kratos, Athena and the other Olympians such like in Lego God of War, but you can also play with Gaia and Tyfon such like in Lego God of War 2. You have the moves and the multiplayers of Lego God of War and Lego God of War 2.

You can also play in Lego A Little Big Planet, Golf and all the games Kratos takes part in. Like Lego God of War and Lego God of War 2, Lego God of War had a lot Likes in facebook and Lego said <<Lego God of War was a big success and I personly would not want to stop this popular franshise.>>


Lego had said that they may had a lot of new sequels. <<If Lego God of War 3 have success I would like to make new games with Kratos. My first idee is to make a videogame with title Lego God of War Kratos Starts. It will have Kratos like a Spartian and his adventures in the army in all the videogames and before God of War. We can built new characters and take some from God of War>> said one Lego Producter.

On Januar 2012 Lego will have the idee. Some Lego Producters say they must make a videogame with God of War, God of War 3 and Chains of Olympus at start, with a new sight of the characters, equipment, moves, levels,

design and, of curse you can play such like the Horses of Sun, Zeus and Hera and other characters.

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