Lego God of War Kratos the Olympian is a lego videogame based on the famous franchise God of War. You can play as Cratos, Athena and other heroes from God of War and God of War 2.

In every story you have new moves and equipment, like the Ikarian Wings and the Medusa Eyes. In this videogame you have the Clash of the Olympus, too.

The level room is at Olympus and for multiplayer you fight Kraken in Atlantis. At 2011 the game had a new level at God of War, level 0. In level 0 Kratos and a Spartian fight with the Spartians the Athens.

At 2012 the game had a new character from the sequel, Gaia.

The game is for kids, not like the God of War games, which are 18+.


Lego God of War 2 Kratos Returns will be at the video clubs at summer 2014. It will have the lego stories God of War 3 and God of War 4. The level room will be the Mountain Olympus with Titans and no gods. You can also play like Kratos with spartian clothes and yoy have not the Clash of Olympus but the Clash of Titans.

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