Lego Inheritance is a video game based on the 4 inheritance books, eragon, eldest, brisingr, and inheritance. The hub is the Varden's Camp



Summary: Eragon finds a mysterious stone in the Spine, and unleashes a legacy as old as the Empire itself, threatening his family.

Characters: Eragon, Roran


Summary: Eragon's uncle Garrow has been killed, and he and the old storyteller Brom go to avenge his death. On the way, Eragon learns about magic, and meets some Urgals

Characters: Eragon, Brom

The Ra'zac's Revenge

Summary: Eragon and Brom track down the Ra'zac, who prove more powerful than they anticipated

Characters: Eragon, Brom

Boss: Ra'zac

Capture at Gil'ead

Summary: Brom dies and Eragon is captured. Can he and Murtagh make it out, and save the captured elf?

Characters: Eragon (Zar'roc), Murtagh

To the Varden

Summary: Eragon and Murtagh travel the Beors to get to the Varden

Characters: Eragon (Zar'roc), Murtagh

Enemies: Urgals

Battle of Farthen Dur

Summary: Farthen Dur has been attacked by Urgals, and Eragon must fight Durza the shade.

Characters: Eragon (Armor), Murtagh, Arya


A Twin Disaster

Characters: Eragon (Scar), Murtagh

Enemies: urgals

Journey To Ellesmera

Characters: Eragon (Scar), Arya, Orik

The Battle of Carvahall

Characters: Roran, Katrina, Horst, Roran (nightclothes), Katrina (nightclothes)

Boss: Ra'zac

The Secret Lives of Ants

Characters: Eragon (Scar), Oromis, Ant 1, Ant 2

Boss: Spider

Through the Boar's Eye

Characters: Roran (beard), Horst, Jeod

Battle of the Burning Plains

Characters: Eragon, Arya, Roran (beard)

Enemies: Soldiers

Bosses: Murtagh, Thorn


Assault on Helgrind

Characters: Eragon, Roran

Bosses: Ra'zac, Lethrblaka

Escape and Evasion

Characters: Eragon, Arya

Enemies: Soldiers

Wedding Crasher

Characters: Eragon, Arya, Roran

Boss: Murtagh

Disobeying Orders

Characters: Roran (Armor), Carn

Enemies: Soldiers

Swords and Politics

Characters: Eragon, Nar Garzvhog, Orik, Kvistor

Enemies: Black Dwarves

Shade of Death

Characters: Eragon (Brisingr), Arya, Oromis, Queen Islanzadi

Bosses: Varaug, Murtagh


The Dauthdaert

Breaking the Wall

The Horrors of Dras-Leona

The Vault of Souls

Battle of Uru'baen

Killing the King

Bonus Levels

Fall of the Riders

Characters: Galbatorix, Morzan

Boss: Vrael

Saphira's Egg

Characters: Brom, Jeod, Arya, Faolin, Glenwing

Bosses: Morzan, Durza


  • Eragon (also as Scar and Armor)
  • Roran (also as beard, armor, nightclothes, and wedding)
  • Brom
  • Murtagh (also as Rider and armor)
  • Arya (also as prisoner, armor, dress, and queen)
  • Orik (also as king)
  • Oromis
  • Horst (also as armor)
  • Katrina (also as nightclothes, prisoner, and wedding)
  • Jeod
  • Clovis
  • King Hrothgar
  • Guntera
  • Durza
  • Twin 1
  • Twin 2
  • Galbatorix
  • Morzan
  • Selena
  • Garrow
  • Ajihad
  • Nasuada (also as trial , armor, and prisoner)
  • Trianna
  • Carn
  • Lady Lorana
  • Empire Soldier (also as spear and sword)
  • Painless Soldier
  • Queen Izslanzadi
  • Jormundur
  • King Orrin
  • Ra'zac 1
  • Ra'zac 2
  • Nar Garzhvog
  • Urgal
  • Kull
  • Varaug
  • Whipping Man
  • Elain
  • Birgit
  • Byrd
  • Sloan
  • Quimby
  • Angela

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