Lego James Bond: More to Come is the third installment in the Lego James Bond series. It follows the events of Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall.


*Chapter 1: A Moving Target

Summery: Eve tries to shoot the man 007 is fighting and 007 tries to fight the man.

Characters: 007, Eve

Enemies: Explosions

*Chapter 2: Passing the Test, Barely

Characters: James Bond, M

*Chapter 3: A Mission in Shanghai

Summery: Track Patrice and fight him to get the list. Then escape from the casino.

Characters: James Bond, Eve

Allies: Komodo Dragons

*Chapter 4: Rats in a Trap

Summary: Fight Silva and escape to London

Characters: James Bond, Severine

*Chapter 5: Tracking Silva

Summary: Track Silva and then fight him in the Tube

Characters: James Bond, Q

Boss: Silva (Officer) (3 hearts)

*Chapter 6: Preparing the Skyfall

Summary: Set up traps around the house and prepare for the attack.

Characters: James Bond (Rifle), M (Injured), Kincade

Enemies: Silva's Men

*Chapter 7: The New M

Summary: Blow up the chopper, run through the tunnel and meet M and Silva at the church then defeat Silva.

Characters: James Bond, Kincade

Boss: Silva (6 hearts)


James Bond: Q's Pistol, Radio/ Tuxedo, Battle Damaged

Eve Moneypenny: Sniper Rifle/ Dress, Vest

M: Pistol/ Wounded

Q: Tracker Device

Silva: RPG/ Suit

Monerry: Pistol

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