Main Description

Lego Johny Thunder-The Video game Follows the 4 Adventures (Egypt,Jungle,Dino and Orient Expedition
LEGO Johny Thunder the Video Game Logo 1

Video Game Picture V2

Play as Your Favourite old Character from the Old Sets.

From Johny Thunder to Sam Sinister etc.


Gold Bricks-250
Red Bricks-24
True Adventurer-24

New Features

All lego Games have every year new features so this will show some of them:

1.Shoot 3x Bullets (Same as the batarang)
2.Climb on walls (there is no special platform you can realy climb on them)
(Only in Open World)
3.Throw Sam Sinister's Claw at Enemies (Yust like the lightsaber in LS3)


You will have 5 Maps same as the Boxes in LEGO Indijana Jones II.

When you click a map you will be redirected to the place like Egypt-You will Be Teleported to the first level.And you can't go to the other misions you have to first complete Egypt to go to Jungle etc...

Wait there is a Level Builder also!

The Game


Chapter 1-Re-Gou Ruby Secret

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed

Setting-Dessert,Pyramid (yust the outside)

Chapter 2-Enter The Pyramid

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed
Unlockable-Mummy Slave,Mummy (Spear)
Boss(es)-Slyboots (2 Hearts)

Setting-Pyramid (Outside,Chamber,Dungeon,Altar,Tomb)

Chapter 3-Flight Over Egypt

Playable-Harry Cane,Johny Thunder
Vehicle-Harry Cane'S Airplane
Unlockable-Dessert Ballon
Boss(es)-Dessert Ballon (SlyBoots on it [3 Hearts])

Setting-Sky,Dessert Ballon

Chapter 4-Oasis Ambush

Playable-Johny Thunder
Unlockable-Pharaoh Skeleton
Boss(es)-SlyBoots (4 Hearts),Pharaoh Skeleton (Gold Headdress) (2 Hearts)

Setting-Dessert,Anubis Tomb

Chapter 5-The Secret of the Sphinx

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed
Unlockable-Pharaoh Skeleton (White Headress),Sam Sinister (Piolite),Sam Sinister's Airplane
Boss(es)-Sam Sinister's Airplane (3 Metal Hearts)

Setting-The Sphinx Tomb,Dessert

Chapter 6-Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins

Playable-Johny Thunder (Backpack),Dr. Kilroy (Backpack),Pippin Reed
Unlockable-Pharaoh Hotep,Skeleton,SlyBoots,Sam Sinister,Johny Thunder's Truck
Boss(es)-SlyBoots (2 Hearts),Sam Sinister (5 Hearts),Pharaoh Hotep (6 Hearts)

Setting-Dessert,Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins


Chapter 1-Rudo Villano

Playable-Johny Thunder (Jungle),Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Jungle)
Unlockable-Rudo Villano,Achu's Minion,Achu's Minion (Spear),Snake,Raft
Boss(es)-Rudo Villano's Raft (He Throws Dynamite and you Have to Doge it and throw something back at him)

Setting-Jungle,Acho's Camp

Chapter 2-Hidden Treasure

Playable-Pippin Reed (Jungle/Backpack),Harry Cane
Unlockable-Pontoon Plane
Boss(es)-Achu (3 Hearts)
Objective-Find the Sun Disk,And then Try to defeat Achu


Chapter 3-The Spider's Secret Cave

Playable-Pippin Reed (Jungle),Johny Thunder (Jungle)
Unlockable-Spider,Giant Spider
Boss(es)-Señor Palomar (4 Hearts),Giant Spider (3 Hearts)

Setting-Jungle,Spider's Secret Cave

Chapter 4-Jeep Chase

Playable-Pippin Reed (Jungle),Johny Thunder (Jungle)
Unlockable-Enemy Jeep,Señor Palomar's Soldier
Boss(es)-Enemy Jeep (5 Metal Hearts)


Chapter 5-River Expedition

Playable-Johny Thunder (Jungle),Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Jungle),Gabarros
Vehicles-Jungle Boat
Boss(es)-Señor Palomar (4 Hearts),Achu (6 Hearts)

Setting-River,River Temple

Chapter 6-Amazon Ancient Ruins

Playable-Johny Thunder (Jungle),Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Jungle),Gabarros
Unlockable-River Boat,Señor Palomar,Achu
Boss(es)-Señor Palomar (2 Hearts),Achu (6 Hearts)

Setting-River,Amazon Ancient Ruins

Dino Island

Chapter 1-The Baby T-Rex

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Jungle)
Unlockable-Johny Thunder's Plane
Boss(es)-Escape from Mama T-Rex

Objective-Find the Baby T-Rex


Chapter 2-Dino Research Compound

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Jungle),Mike
Unlockable-Research car,Mr. Cunningham
Boss(es)-Mama T-Rex (4 Hearts)

Setting-Forrest,Dino Research Compound

Chapter 3-Island Race

Playable-Johnny Thunder (Island Racer)
Vehicle-Johny Thunder's Island Racer
Unlockable-Sam Sinister's Island Racer,Sam Sinister (Island Racer)

Objective-Finish 3 Laps and don't letting Sam Sinister win.

Setting-Forrest Tracks

Chapter 4-The pteranodon

Vehicle-Research Glider
Boss(es)-pteranodon (3 Hearts)

Objective-Chase the pteranodon,and later fight him

Setting-Sky,pteranodon'S Nest

Chapter 5-T-Rex Transport

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Jungle),Mike
Unlockable-Transport Boat,Sam Sinister's trailer Car,Alexia Sinister's car
Boss(es)-Alexia Sinister (5 Hearts)

Setting-Dino Cave

Chapter 6-Dino Rampage

Playable-Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Pippin Reed (Pilot),Mike
Vehicles-Dino Transport Truck (Johny Thunder,Dr. Kilroy,Mike),Pippin Reed's Airplane
Unlockable-Cunningham (Pilot),Cunningham's Airplane,Alexia Sinister
Boss(es)-Mr. Cunningham's Airplane (5 Metal Hearts),Alexia Sinister/Sam Sinister (each 2 Hearts)

Notice-the Battle with Alexia and Sam Sinister will be the same as the battle in LEGO Batman 2 with Joker and Lex Luthor!

Orient Expedition Pt. 1

Chapter 1-An Old Friend

Playable-Johny Thunder (India),Dr. Kilroy (India),Pippin Reed (India)
Boss(es)-Maharaja Lallu (4 Hearts)

Objective-Save Babloo!


Chapter 2-Temple of the Tygurah

Playable-Dr. Kilroy (India)
Boss(es)-Tygurah (5 Hearts)

Setting-Tyguah's Temple

Chapter 3-Elephant Chase

Playable-Pippin Reed (India),Babloo
Vehicle-Babloo's Elephant
Unlockable-Sam Sinister's Black Car

Objective-Try To Stop Sam Sinister!

Setting-India Road

Chapter 4-Scorpion Palace

Playable-Johny Thunder (India),Dr. Kilroy (Green Pants)
Unlockable-Scorpion Palace Guard
Boss(es)-Sam Sinister (Tophat)(4 Hearts),Maharaja Lallu (3 Hearts)

Objective-Find the 2 Villians,Find Marco Polo's Shield

Setting-Scorpion Palace

Chapter 5-Mount Everest

Playable-Johnny (Mt. Everest/Flight),Kilroy (Mt. Everest/Flight),Pippin (Mt. Everest/Flight),Sherpa Sangye Dorje

Objective-Find the Pieces to Build the Hot Air Ballon


Chapter 6-Battle in the sky

Playable-Johnny (Mt. Everest/Flight),Kilroy (Mt. Everest/Flight),Pippin (Mt. Everest/Flight).Sherpa Sangye Dorje
Vehicle-Hot Air Ballon
Unlockable-Black bi-plane,Sam Sinister (Flight)
Boss(es)-Black bi-plane (3 Hearts)

Objective-Miss his 3 Atacks


Orient Expedition Pt. 2

Chapter 1-Temple of Mount Everest

Playable-Johnny (Mt. Everest/Flight),Kilroy (Mt. Everest/Flight),Pippin (Mt. Everest/Flight),Sherpa Sangye Dorje
Unlockable-The Yeti
Boss(es)-The Yeti (3 Hearts)

Setting-Temple of Mount Everest

Chapter 2-An Evily Doing

Playable-Sam Sinister (Tophat),Ngan Pa

Objective-Trap the 3 Explorers

Setting-Temple of Mount Everest

Chapter 3-Dragon Soldier Ambush

Playable-Johny Thunder (India),Dr. Kilroy (Green Pants),Pippin Reed (China)
Unlockable-Dragon Fortress Guard
Boss(es)-Dragon Fortress Guard (Quiver) (3 Hearts)

Setting-The Great Wall of China

Chapter 4-The Escape

Playable-Johny Thunder (India),Dr. Kilroy (Green Pants),Pippin Reed (China)
Unlockable-Cell Guard
Boss(es)-Cell Guard (3 Hearts)


Chapter 5-City of Xi'an

Playable-Johny Thunder (India),Dr. Kilroy (Green Pants),Pippin Reed (China),Jing Lee
Boss(es)-10x Dragon Fortress Guards


Chapter 6-The Dragon Fortress

Playable-Johny Thunder (India),Dr. Kilroy (Green Pants),Pippin Reed (China),Jing Lee
Unlockable-Chang Wu,Dragon Fortress Statue,Jun-Chi
Boss(es)-Jun-Chi (4 Hearts),Sam Sinister (Tophat)(5 Hearts)

Objective-Get on the Emperor's Ship,Find the Secret Passage,Get to The Dragon Fortress,and then Chase Sam Sinister at the End.

Setting-Emperor's Ship,Secret Passag,Dragon Fortress


Characters Abillties Cost
Johny Thunder Gun,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Dr. Kilroy Shovel,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Pippin Reed Double Jump,Gun -//-
Harry Cane Gun -//-
Johny Thunder (Backpack) Gun,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Dr. Kilroy (Backpack) Shovel,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Johny Thunder (Jungle) Gun,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Pippin Reed (Jungle) Double Jump,Gun -//-
Pippin Reed (Jungle/Backpack) Double Jump,Gun -//-
Gabarros Fix Machines -//-
Mike Gun -//-
Johnny Thunder (Island Racer) Gun,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Johny Thunder (India) Gun,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Dr. Kilroy (India) Shovel,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Pippin Reed (India) Double Jump,Gun -//-
Babloo Indian Sword -//-
Dr. Kilroy (Green Pants) Shovel,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Johnny (Mt. Everest/Flight) Gun,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Kilroy (Mt. Everest/Flight) Shovel,Explore Foot Tracks -//-
Pippin (Mt. Everest/Flight) Double Jump,Gun -//-
Sherpa Sangye Dorje Fix Machines,Gun -//-
Sam Sinister (Tophat) Gun,Claw Hand Attack -//-
Ngan Pa Gun -//-
Pippin Reed (China) Double Jump,Gun -//-
Jing Lee Double Jump,Indian Sword -//-
Scorpion Sting 5.000
Mummy Slave Egyptian Sword 5.000
Mummy (Spear) Spear 5.000
Pharaoh Skeleton (Gold Headress) Egyptian Sword 5.000
Pharaoh Skeleton (White Headress) Egyptian Sword 5.000
Sam Sinister (Piolite) Gun,Claw Hand Attack 125.000
Pharaoh Hotep Egyptian Sword,Throw Snakes 125.000
Skeleton none 5.000
SlyBoots Gun 125.000
Sam Sinister Gun,Claw Hand Attack 125.000
Rudo Villano Gun,Throw Dynamite 125.000
Achu's Minion Woden Sword 5.000
Achu's Minion (Spear) Spear 5.000
Snake Poison 5.000
Spider Bite 5.000
Giant Spider Bite,Poison 125.000
Señor Palomar's Soldier Long Gun 5.000
Monkey Double Jump 5.000
Señor Palomar Long Gun 125.000

Jungle Staff

Mr. Cunningham Gun 125.000
Sam Sinister (Island Racer) Gun,Claw arm Attack 125.000
Cunningham (Pilot) Gun 125.000
Alexia Sinister Double Jump,Gun 125.000
Tygurah Claw Attack,Break Metal 250.000
Scorpion Palace Guard Indian Sword 5.000
Sam Sinister (Flight) Gun,Claw arm Attack 125.000
The Yeti Break Metal 250.000
Dragon Fortress Guard Spear 5.000
Dragon Fortress Guard (Quiver) Arrow Launcher 5.000
Cell Guard Spear 5.000
Chang Wu Emperor Sword,Emperor Staff 125.000
Dragon Fortress Statue Breath Fire,Break Metal 125.000
Jun Chi Breath Fire,Break Metal 250.000
Johny Thunder (LEGO Universe) Gun,Explore Foot Tracks 1.000.000


Harry Cane's Airplane
Pontoon Plane
Jungle Boat
Johny Thunder's Island Racer
Research Glider
Dino Transport Truck
Pippin Reed's Airplane
Babloo's Elephant
Hot Air Ballon
Dessert Ballon
Sam Sinister's Airplane
Johny Thunder's Truck
Enemy Jeep
River Boat
Johny Thunder's Plane
Research car
Sam Sinister's Island Racer
Transport Boat
Sam Sinister's trailer Car
Alexia Sinister's car
Cunningham's Airplane
Sam Sinister's Black Car
Black bi-plane

Red Bricks

Name What it Does Cost
Fast Build Build Faster! 125.000 
Metal Hands Now you can Destroy Metal! 500.000
Breath Underwater Breath Underwater! 125.000
2x Studs Studs give 2x more 500.000
3x Studs Studs give 3x more 800.000
4x Studs Studs give 4x more 1200.000
6x Studs Studs give 6x more 1600.000
8x Studs Studs give 8x more 2000.000
10x Studs Studs give 10x more 2600.000
Fall Rescue Now you cant die! 500.000
Character Studs Kill Enemies,Get Studs 125.000
Disquise You dont know me! 125.000
Fast Run Im the Flash! 500.000
Invincibility haha suckers! 1000.000
Regenerate Hearts ...... 125.000
More Hearts Haha! 125.000
Carrot Guns ._. Holly! 125.000
Red Brick Detector Found one! 500.000
Minikit Detector Found One! 500.000
Faster Cars You have no where to hide! 125.000
Fast Fix ....... 125.000
Fast Build ....... 125.000
Poison Punch When You punch a minifig he is dead 500.000
Double Guns Cya later suckers! 125.000
Extra Characters Wow! 125.000
Super Strenght Im Hulk! 500.000
Acrobatic Body Now everyone can jump on poles! 125.000
Character Token Detector Found One! 500.000
Gold Brick Detector Found One 1000.000


Achievements How to Unlock
Secrets Revealed Complete Chapter 1 (Egypt)
Ahhh! Complete Chapter 2 (Egypt)
Up,Up and Away! Complete Chapter 3 (Egypt)
Skeletons Scare me! Complete Chapter 4 (Egypt)
Anubis's Tomb Complete Chapter 5 (Egypt)
The Ruins! Complete Chapter 6 (Egypt)
I am Tarzan! Complete Chapter 1 (Jungle)
Treasure Sekeer Complete Chapter 2 (Jungle)
Sneaky Little Fly! Complete Chapter 3 (Jungle)
Wushh!!!!!!! Complete Chapter 4 (Jungle)
Taking a Swim Complete Chapter 5 (Jungle)
Trap Escaper Complete Chapter 6 (Jungle)
What a cute Baby! Complete Chapter 1 (Dino Island)
Computers Check,Baby.... Complete Chapter 2 (Dino Island)
And the winer is.....? Complete Chapter 3 (Dino Island)
Yehaaw!!!!!!!! Complete Chapter 4 (Dino Island)
T-Rex! Complete Chapter 5 (Dino Island)
Don't Squash me....! Complete Chapter 6 (Dino Island)
Welcome Old Friend Complete Chapter 1 (Orient Expedition Pt. 1)
Tiger Down Complete Chapter 2 (Orient Expedition Pt. 1)
Good work Elephant Complete Chapter 3 (Orient Expedition Pt. 1)
Stinging Hard Complete Chapter 4 (Orient Expedition Pt. 1)
Its...So....Cold...! Complete Chapter 5 (Orient Expedition Pt. 1)
Crashing into a Mountait Complete Chapter 6 (Orient Expedition Pt. 1)
Brrrr.....Finaly.... Complete Chapter 1 (Orient Expedition Pt. 2)
Evil Plan Complete Complete Chapter 2 (Orient Expedition Pr. 2)
Noooooo! Complete Chapter 3 (Orient Expedition Pt. 2)
Quck Tinking Complete Chapter 4 (Orient Expedition Pt. 2)
A new Friend Complete Chapter 5 (Orient Expedition Pt. 2)
The Legend! Complete Chapter 6 (Orient Expedition Pt. 2)

Easter Eggs:

Name Where are They
Star Wars  The Clone Wars Easter Egg. There is a Achievemnt thath says Secrets Revealed.
Lord of the Rings Easter Egg. In Rudo Villano Level you will se behind Rudo the 4 Hobbits Hiding from the Ring Wraith in the backround.
Indiana Jones Easter Egg. In Mount Everest Mision you will Find Marion's Burned Home.


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