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Lego Justice League is where villians go loose in NYC, and the JL must hunt them down one by one. It is also an open world game.

By RabidSheep333



-Superman (Normal, Krytonite Suit, Battle Damaged, Clark Kent)

-Batman (Normal, Classic, Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne)

-Wonder Woman

-Green Lantern (Normal, Hal Jordan, Pilot)

-Flash (Normal, Bart Allen)

-Martian Manhunter



-Green Arrow (Normal, Oliver Queen)


-Shazam (Normal, Kid, Battle Damaged)


-Black Canary

Villians: Every level you complete you can unlock the defeted villain.



1. Lex Luthor

Charcters: Superman, Wonder Woman

Area: LexCorp

Enimies: LexCorp Soilders

Bosses: Luthor's Aromored Mech, Lex Luthor

2. Black Manta

Characters: Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern

Area: Manta Sub

Enemies: Manta Goons

Bosses: Black Manta

3. Giganta

Characters: Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Flash

Area: North City Area

Enemies: None

Bosses: Giganta

4. Joker

Characters: Batman, Robin, Cyborg

Area: Old Factory

Enemies: Joker Goon

Bosses: Joker, Harley Quinn

5. Soloman Grundy

Characters: Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Green Arrow

Area: Graveyard

Enemies: None

Bosses: Soloman Grundy

6. Metallo

Characters: Superman (Kryptonite Suit), Green Lantern

Area: Parking Lot

Enemies: None


7. Gorila Grodd

Characters: Flash, Hawkman, Cyborg

Area: Zoo

Enemies: None

Bosses: Gorilla Grodd

8. Sinestro

Characters: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter

Area: The Skies

Enemies: None

Bosses: Sinestro

9. Captain Cold

Characters: Flash, Aquaman, Black Canary

Area: Star Labs

Enemies: None

Bosses: Captain Cold

10. Doomsday

Characters: Superman, Shazam

Area: Volcano

Enemies: None

Bosses: Doomsday

11. Mirror Master

Characters: Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl

Area: Mirror Store, Mirror Diminsion

Enemies: None

Bosses: Mirror Master

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