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this covers the 358/2 days section of the lego kingdom hearts game

Twilight town 2

Characters: Roxas, Axel

Enemies: n/a

After finishing the level: Roxas and Axel are unlocked

Wonderland 3

Characters: Roxas, Xion,

Enemies: Shadow, grey caprice, pink concerto, striped aria, saphire elgy, spring metal, crimsion prankster (boss)

After finishing the level: grey caprice, pink concerto, striped aria, saphire elgy, and spring metal become avalible for purchase each for 10,000 studs

Agrabah 3

Characters: Roxas, Xion

Enemies: Shadow, creeper plant, Mega Shadow, Giga Shadow, Scarlet tango, Fire plant, ice plant,

After finishing the level: Xion is unlocked, Mega shadow, giga shadow, scarlet tango, fire plant and ice plant are avalible for purchase m for 10,000, g for 20,000 s for 5,000 f and i for 10,000 each

Olympus Colosium 3

Characters: Roxas, Xion, Axel

Enemies: Deserter, Commander, Shadow, Sergent,

After finishing the level: Phill, deserter, commander, and sergent becomes avalible p for 50,000 d for 10,000 c for 20,000 and s for 10,000

Beast Castle

Characters: Roxas, Xion, Axel

Enemies: shadow, neoshadow, turqouise martch, bully dog (boss), dark fallower (boss)

After finishing the level: turquoise martch and bully dog become avalible t for 10,000 and b for 20,000

Halloween Town 3

Characters: Roxas, Xion, Axel

Enemies: shadow, neoshadow, scarlett tango, heat saber (boss), watcher, Orcus (boss)

After finishing the level: Heat saber and orcus are avalible h for 50,000 and o for 20,000 and watcher for 10,000

Twilight town 3

Characters: Roxas, Axel

Enemies: Xion (Hood), Riku (hood) (bosses) shadow, soldier, watcher, bulkey vendor, rare vendor

After finishing the level: Xion (hood) and riku (hood) are avalible for 100,000 each, bulkey and rare vendors are avalable for 20,000 each

Neverland 3

Characters: Roxas, Axel, Xion

Enemies: shadow, turqouise march, avalcanche (boss)

After finishing the level: smee is avalible for 50,000 studs

The Castle That Never Was

Characters: Roxas, Xion

Enemies: Dusk, Samuri, Saix

After finishing the level: dusk is avalible for 5,000 studs, samuri is avalible for 50,000 and saix is avalible for 70,000

Twilight Town 4

Characters: Roxas, Xion

Enemies: Xion (boss) all for forms

After finishing the level: the for forms of xion are avalible they are 50,000 each

The Castle That Never was 3

Characters: Roxas (duel weild), Riku (oblivon), Roxas (hood)

Enemies: Neo Shadow, Riku(oblivion boss)

After finishing the level: Roxas (duel weild) Riku (oblivion) and roxas (hood) are unlocked,

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