This covers lego kingdom hearts's coded section.

Destiny islands 3

Characters: Data-Sora, Sora (sword), Sora (shield) Sora (staff)

Enemies: shadow, darkside (boss) bug block

After finishing the level: Data-sora, sora(sword), sora (shield) and sora staff are unlocked bug block avalible for 10,000 studs

Traverse town 4

Characters: Data-sora, Cid

Enemies: shadow, soldier, bug block, offensive block, defensive block, guard armor (boss)

After finishing the level: offensive block and defensive block become avalible for 10,000 each

Wonderland 4

Characters: Data-Sora, Mickey

Enemies:shadow, soldier, bug block, offensive block, defensive block, Trickmaster (boss)

After finishing the level: none

Olymus colosium 5

Characters: Data-Sora, Hercules

Enemies: Shadow, soldier, Ice titan (boss)

After finishing the level: none

Agrabah 4

Characters: Data-Sora, Aladin

Enemies: shadow, soldier, red noctrone, bandit, jafar (boss)

After finishing the level: data riku (hood) is avalible for 50,000

Hallow Bastion 3

Characters: Data-Sora, Donald, Goofy, Data Riku

Enemies: shadow, soldier, large body, maleficent (boss),

After finishing the level: Data Riku is unlocked

Castle Oblivion 2

Characters: Data-Sora, Mickey, Data-Namine

Enemies: shadow, bug block, data-Roxas (boss)

After finishing the level: Data-Namine is unlocked, Data- Roxas is avalible for 50,000 studs

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