LEGO Kingdoms 2 is a lego castle sub-theme and the second lego kingdoms line. It will be released in December 2010. It will include 5 large sets and 2 small 2.99$ sets. There will be 2 new factions, the Eagle Knights and the Dark Knights. There will also be 2 new battle packs.

The sets will include a new type of helmet.


998560-Eagle Castle: 2 eagle soldiers, 2 eagle archers, 2 eagle knights, 1 eagle king, 4 dark soldiers, 2 dark knights, 5 horses

998561-Dark Knights Hideout: 1 dark mage, 1 eagle knight, 3 eagle soldiers, 4 dark archers, 2 dark knights, 3 horses

998562-Dark Prison Tower: 1 eagle soldier, 1 eagle knight, 1 dark knight, 2 dark archers, 1 eagle princess, 2 skeletons, 1 horse

998563-War Chariot: 1 eagle soldier, 1 eagle archer, 1 dark knight, 5 horses

998564-Wizard Tower: 1 wizard, 1 goblin, 1 unicorn

998569-The Black Knight: 1 dark knight

998570-Royal Knight: 1 eagle knight, 1 horse

998580-Eagle Battle Pack: 1 eagle knight, 2 eagle soldiers, 2 eagle guards

998581-Dark Battle Pack: 2 dark knights, 2 dark soldiers, 1 dark archer

The Lego Company

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