Sequel to LEGO Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this follows the Hero of Winds as he battles Ganondorf once again with the help of the Pirate Tetra. Adventure though the massive seas in this action-adventure platform game.


Part I: The Adventure Begins

Outset Island

Summary: Aryll wakes Link up and notifies him that it's his birthday. Hurry to Grandma's House to get the Hero's Clothes. Return to Aryll's Lookout and use her telescope to spot Quill and an unconscious Tetra. After getting a sword from Orca, venture into the forest atop the island. Battle the enemies and rescue Tetra.

Characters: Link (Outset Clothing), Aryll, Link, Gonzo

Enemies Bokoblins, Kargoroc

Boss: Orca (6 Hearts)


Summary: Find the shield located in your house. On the pirate ship, make your way down to Niko who has a test for you. Complete it by swing from the ropes. Head back up deck and climb to the crows nest and use Tetra's Telescope to see the Forsaken Fortress. Prepare the catapult to launch Link.

Characters: Link, Tetra, Gonzo

Enemies: Rat

Boss: none

Forsaken Fortress

Summary: Make your way through the Forsaken Fortress to reclaim your sword. Meanwhile, on the pirate ship, conceal the boat while helping to guide Link through the fortress

Characters: (Team 1) Link, (Team 2) Tetra, Gonzo

Enemies: Rat, Bokoblin, Moblin

Boss: Bokoblin (Green) (3 Hearts)

Dragon Roost Island

Summary: Upon arrival from Windfall, make your way to the Rito Tribe. After speaking with Prince Komali, enter the Dragon Roost Cavern and make your way to the top. Defeat the creature that is causing Valvoo pain.

Characters: Link, Quill, Medli

Enemies: Keese (Fire), Bokoblin, Moblin, Kargoroc

Boss: Gohma (3 Hearts)

Missing Makar

Summary: Arriving at Forest Haven, make your way inside and meet the Great Deku Tree. Fend off the Chu Chus that attack. Then venture to the top of his sprout to retrive the Deku Leaf. Glide your way to the Forbidden Forest.

Characters: Link, Old Man Ho Ho, Linder

Enemies: Green Chu Chu, Red Chu Chu, Peahat, Boko Baba

Boss: none

Forbidden Forest

Summary: Navigate the dark forest in search of Makar. Obtain the boomerang from the Mothula and use it to defeat Kalle Demos.

Characters: Link, Linder

Enemies: Boko Baba, Keese, Morths

Boss(es): Mothula (4 Hearts), Kalle Demos (6 Hearts)

Part II: The Lost Land

Greatfish Isle

Summary: Battle the stormy seas around the damaged isle. Upon landing, explore to find out what happened there. After Quill reveals that the pirates might know something, flee the island.

Characters: Link, Quill

Enemies: Gyorg

Vehicles: King of Red Lions, Fishman

Boss: none

The Bomb Shop

Summary: The pirates have broken into the Bomb Shop on WIndfall Island. Sneak inside and then sneak aboard their boat to snatch some of the bombs they stole as the pirates head to the cafe for a night off. 

Characters: (Team 1) Link, (Later, Niko), (Team 2) Tetra, Gonzo

Enemies: Rat

Boss: none

Return to Outset

Summary: Visit your grandmother and heal her. Sail to the back of the island and brave a whirlpool while destroying a giant slab of rock to gain entrance to Jabun.

Characters: Link, Grandma

Enemies: Gyorg

Vehicles: King of Red Lions, Longboat

Boss: Rock Slab (6 Hearts)

Triangle Isles

Summary: At three different Isles, place the Orbs that you have collected. After you've raised the Tower of the Gods, battle Cyclos to calm his storm.

Characters: Link, Old Man Ho Ho

Enemies: Peahat, Gyorg

Vehicles: King of Red Lions (Canon), Rowboat

Boss: Cyclos (5 Hearts)

Tower of the Gods

Summary: Make your way through the Tower, navigating tricky passageways with the King of Red Lions. Pass a final test at the top of the Tower.

Characters: Link, Servant of the Tower

Enemies: Armos, Keese, Kargoroc, Wizzrobe, Rat, Darknut

Boss: Gohdan (9 Hearts)

Battle of Hyrule

Summary: Descend below the waves into a frozen Hyrule. Find your way to the Master Sword and unfreeze everything. Battle the minions and take out the Darknut in the back.

Characters: Link, Link (Master Sword), Servant of the Tower

Enemies: Moblin

Boss(es): Darknut (1 Heart), Darknut (Gold Armor) (8 Hearts)

Part III: Pieces of the Triforce

Of Phantoms and Bird Beasts

Summary: Returning to the Forsaken Fortress, defeat Phantom Ganon and get the Skull Hammer. Make your way up to where your sister is being held. When the Helmaroc King attacks escape up the runways while dodging him, enemies and the rising waters. Battle him and then confront Ganondorf. Flee the Forsaken Fortress with Quill and Prince Komali

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Tetra, Quill, Prince Komali

Enemies: Moblin, Bokoblin, Miniblin

Vehicles: Quill, Prince Komali, Valvoo

Boss(es): Phantom Ganon (3 Hearts), Helmaroc King (4 Hearts), Ganondorf (3 Hearts)

Return to Hyrule

Summary: Return beanth the waves and make your way to the room where the Master Sword was. After speaking with King Hyrule, exit. At Mother and Child Isle, wake up the Fairy Queen to acquire the Fire and Ice Arrows.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Tetra, Princess Zelda, Fairy

Enemies: None

Boss: none

Behind Closed Walls

Summary: At Windfall, Link frees Tingle. Navigate the maze in his cell to find the Pictobox. After finding it, return it to Lenzo. Afterwards, head to the school where Miss Marie is and she says that the kids are hiding and skipping school. Find each of the kids on the Island. Afterwards, bring the Joy Pendant to Miss Marie to get the Cabana Deed. At the Cabana Island, use the grappling hook to reveal a secret hole inside. Navigate the maze there and play use the Wind Waker to complete the level.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Tingle

Enemies: Rat, Keese, ReDead

Boss: none

Earth Temple

Summary: Convice Medli to come with you to the Earth Temple with the Wind Waker. Naigate the Earth Temple with Medli, get the Mirror Sheild and defeat the boss so Medli can strengthen your sword.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Laruto, Medli

Enemies: Stalfos, ReDead

Boss: Jalhalla (3 Hearts)

Wind Temple

Summary: Convince Makar to accompany you to the Wind Temple. Make your way through the temple with Makar and defeat Molgera so Makar can fully restore the Master Sword.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Makar


Boss(es): Wizzrobe (Mini-Boss) (3 Hearts), Molgera (6 hearts)

Pieces of the Puzzle

Summary: Use the smoking jars to get around the room under Diamond Steppe Island. On board the Ghost Ship, defeat the enemies to find a Triforce chart. You wake up in your boat where you sail to the Islet of Steel. Take down the enemy ships, get the next chart and sail on to Bird's Peak Rock. Defeat the mass of Kargaroks that attack and hit the switches to make them disperse.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Old Man Ho Ho, Seagull

Vehicles: King of Red Lions (Canon), Rowboat

Enemies: Kargarok, ReDead, Poe, Wizzrobe

Boss: Kargarok Horde (8 Hearts)

Part IV: Triforce of Courage

Stone Watcher and Overlook

Summary: Arriving at Stone Watcher Island, destory the boulder and enter the chasm. Defeat the enemies in the four rooms and face the Darknuts to get the next chart. Sail over to Overlook Island and grapple to the top, defeating the enemies in there. Defeat another Darknut tp get that chart.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Servant of the Gods

Enemies: Armos, Moblin, Wizzrobe, Bokoblin, Stalfos

Boss: Darknut (3 Hearts), Darknut (4 Hearts)

Savage Labyrinth

Summary: At Outset island, fly with the Deku Leaf to the stone head. Battle your way through each floor of the Savage Labyrinth to get the final chart.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Grandma

Enemies: Keese, Bokoblin, Moblin, Wizzrobe, ChuChu, Peahat, Mothula, Boko Baba, Armos, ReDead

Boss: Darknut (4 Hearts)

Tingle's Price

Summary: Gather Rupees from around Tingle's island as payment for him. Sail to each of the locations he has signaled and bring up the Triforce Shards. Head to the Tower of the Gods to reveal the Triforce of Courage on the back of Link's hand and descend to the land below. Head to where Zelda had been waiting, only to fall into a trap! Hurry outside, break down the barrier and head to Ganon's Tower and complete the Dragon Roost Island room.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Knuckle, Beedle

Enemies: ChuChu, Bubble

Boss: Darknut (4 Hearts), Gohma (3 Hearts)

Inside Ganon's Tower

Summary: Make your way through the Forrbidden Woods room, the Earth Temple room and the Wind Temple room and defeat each boos in there.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Makar, Medli

Enemies: ReDead, Peahat, ChuChu (Purple), Keese, Wizzrobe, Bokoblin

Boss(es): Kalle Demos (6 Hearts), Jalhalla (3 Hearts), Molgera (6 Hearts)

Zelda's Dream

Summary: Use your boomerang to activate the switches in the room. Defeat Phantom Ganon and make your way up the stairs. Defeat Puppet Ganon.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Makar, Princess Zelda

Enemies: Phantom Ganon, Moblin, Darknut

Boss(es): Phantom Ganon (3 Hearts), Puppet Ganon (3 Hearts)

Final Faceoff

Summary: Puppet Ganon was not defeated! Defeat him in his spider and snake forms then climb to the top of the room. Grapple into the final room and face off with Ganondorf as Hyrule floods.

Characters: Link (Master Sword), Princess Zelda

Enemies: Keese, Bokoblin

Boss(es): Puppet Ganon (Spider) (3 Hearts), Puppet Ganon (Snake) (3 Hearts), Ganondorf (9 Hearts)


  • Link (Link (Outset Clothing), Link (Master Sword))
  • Aryll
  • Grandma
  • Tetra
  • Princess Zelda
  • Gonzo
  • Niko
  • Quill
  • Medli
  • Makar
  • Linder
  • Old Man Ho Ho 
  • Prince Komali
  • Laruto
  • Beedle
  • Knuckle

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