Lego Lord of the Rings I: The Fellowship of the Ring the Video Game is a video game based off of the first novel-based movie of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


The main Hub

The Main Hub will be in the Shire, where all the Characters of the game will reside, and there are three entrances leading to any of the three parts of the game. The first hub will be in a Shire house, the second in Rivendeil, and the third in Amon Hen. Bag End is also in the hub and can be entered to come to the Character Creator, or to watch cutscenes. A tent can also be found to enter the level editor/creator. In the marketplace area, a Hobbit in a stand will allow you to buy Weapons, Characters, and Hints.

Character Creator

In the Character Creator the player can use parts from any character from the game (except the Cave Troll, Moria Creature, or the Balrog). Weapons can range from Rocks to large Clubs, and the characters can be tested.


In the Level Creator, the player can either edit a level from the game, or create their own with any Element from the game. Various environments are included which are: The Shire, Forest, Rivers, Bree, Isengaurd, Isengaurd interior, the Prancing Pony, Castle, Weathertop, Rivendeil, Mountains, Snowy Mountains, Moria, and Amon Hen. The player can also create their own cutscenes, and use any character from the game as an enemy or boss, with choice of hitpoints limited to ten.


The Last Alliance

The level starts with a Cutscene showing the Knights and Orcs lined up ready for battle. The level starts with Isilador and his Father as the playable characters, and they must defeat four Orcs, after they are defeated, the player must defeat six Orc beserkers, then defeat two Orc commanders, then Sauron comes out and attacks, and then Isilador and Elrond must fight Sauron, and then after defeating him a Cutscene starts: Elrond is knocked away and Isilador falls down and attempts to attack Sauron with his sword, who the steps on it and breaks in, Isilador then cuts Sauron's hand off exposing the ring, where he then picks it up as Sauron explodes and looks at it, then the screen goes black. Later, Isilador is riding his Horse with other Knights, then an Orc leaps out from the bushes and knocks him off his Horse leaving the ring on the ground.