Lego Lord of the Rings the Videogame Special Edition

Lego Lord of the Rings the Videogame Special Edition is a Special Edition Version of Lego LOTR the videogame, with special features,campaigns, the talking feature and 10x the fun of the normal one. It has elements both from the movies and the books. there is the return of the sword fighting feature, the magic feature, the inventory (sometimes), the bows and crossbows function as the Lego Star Wars III blasters do.

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Last Alliance

Characters: Part 1: Elendil, Gil-Galad, Isildur. Part 2: Elrond, Isildur.

Setting: Dagorlad 

Bosses: Part 1:Troll (4 hearts). Part 2: Sauron (10 hearts)

Enemies:Orcs,Moria Goblins, Uruk-hai

Allies: Numenoran Soldiers, Last Alliance High Elves .

Last Alliance (Campaign Mode)

Playable Characters: Elendil, Gil-Galad, Isildur,Elrond, Last Alliance Elf, Numenoran Soldier


Number of Levels: 5

Bosses: Trolls, Orc and Goblin officers, Easterling and Khand Officers.

Allies:Numenoran Soldiers (basic), Last Alliance High Elves (elite), Numenoran Archers (basic), Last Alliance High Elf Archers (elite), Numenoran Guard of Elendil (Elite).

The 111th Birthday Party Of Bilbo Baggins Esquire

Characters: Split Screen 1:Bilbo Baggins (old with Ring), Frodo Baggins (Suspenders,Shire) Split-Screen 2: Meriadoc Brandybuck (Shire, Coat), Peregrin Took (Shire, Coat).

Setting:Field surrounding Bag End (party)

Unfriendly Characters to be avoided: Sackville-Bagginses, Baggins wanting to scold Bilbo.

All playable characters are unlocked after level completion, and enemies are available to purchase in hubs.

The Revelation and the Black Riders

Characters: Part 1: Frodo (suspenders, Shire, Ring), Gandalf the Grey (shire), Samwise Gamgee (suspenders). Part 2: Frodo (Shire, coat, Ring ), Sam (Shire, Coat), Merry (Shire, coat), Pippin (Shire, coat).

Adding Character: Wood Elf (blade, bow)

Setting: Part 1: Bag End (inside). Part 2: The woods surounding the Shire.

Boss: Part 2 Only: Blind Ringwraith (3 hearts)

The Barrow-Downs and Tom Bombadil

Characters: The Hobbits (Barrow blades and coats), Tom Bombadil

Animals: Ponies

Enemies: Barrow Wight soldiers

Setting: Barrow Downs

Boss: Barrow Wight (8 hearts)

Battle at Weathertop

Characters: The Hobbits (barrow blades and coats), Aragorn (Strider)


Enemies: 4 Twilight Ringwraiths (The Tainted, Shadow Lord, The Undying, Khamul) (5 hearts each)

Boss: Witch King of Angmar (twilight mode) (9 hearts)

The Fords of Rivendell

Characters: The Hobbits (barrow blades and coats), Frodo(poisoned), Aragorn (strider), Glorfindel (robes). Split Screen 2: Elrond (brown robes), Gandalf the Grey.

Setting: The Fords of Rivendell

Ridden Animals:2 Horses (Glorfindel and Frodo on horse 1 and Aragorn and Sam, Merry and Pippin on horse 2)

Enemies:The 9 Ringwraiths on horses (6 hearts each. But they constantly respawn)

Cruel Caradas

Characters: The Hobbits (coats and Barrow blades),Aragorn (normal), Gimli (cloak) Legolas (cloak), Gandalf the Grey, Boromir (cloak).

Setting: The Cliffs of Caradas

Enemies: Wargs

Boss; Warg Chieftain (8 hearts)

The Mines of Moria

Characters: The Fellowship of the Ring

Setting: The Mines of Moria

Enemies: Moria Goblins, Moria Goblin Prowlers

Bosses: Watcher in the Water (10 hearts 1 heart per tentacle), Cave Troll (8 hearts), Prowler Sniper (4 hearts), Balrog (10 hearts)


Characters: Legolas, Haldir, Rumil

Setting: Lothlorien

Enemies: Moria Goblins, Orcs and 15 Mordor Uruk-hai

Allies: Rumil's Guardians.

Sailing down the River of Kings

Characters: Boat 1: Aragorn (Amon Hen), Frodo, Sam. Boat 2: Boromir, Merry, Pippin. Boat 3: Gimli and Legolas.

Setting: the River of Kings.

Enemies: Orcs on the riverbank and in the shallows.

Boss: Nazgul (7 hearts) (will swoop down on you, you can only attack him with Legolas or when he swoops)

The Battle of Amon Hen

Characters: Boromir, Merry and Pippin. Part 2: Boromir (mortally wounded), Aragorn (wounded, Amon Hen)

Setting: Amon Hen

Enemies: Uruk-Hai Scouts, Moria Goblins, Mordor Orcs

Boss: Part 2: Lurtz (8 hearts)

The Two Towers

Battle against the Balrog

Character: Gandalf the Grey (wounded and no staff)

Setting: Part 1:Falling through the Air, Part 2: The Lake, Part 3: The Ruins of Durin's Tower

Boss: Part 1: The Balrog (12 hearts). Part 2: Slime Balrog (9 hearts). The Balrog (one horn) (15 hearts)

Gollum's Capture

Characters: Frodo(elven cloak), Sam (elven rope)

Setting: Mountain Terrain

Enemies: Gollum x7 (5 hearts)

Hunger Of the Orc

Characters: Merry and Pippin (chained), Ugluk

Setting: Uruk-Hai Camp

Enemies: Mordor Orcs and Moria Goblins

Allies: Ugluk's Scouts

Bosses: Yellow Fangs (3 hearts), Grishnakh (5 hearts)

The Three Hunters

Characters: Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas (The Three Hunters)

Setting: The Ridges and Plains of Rohan

Enemies: Uruk-Hai Scouts

Where's Mauhur and his Lads?

Characters: Ugluk, Grishnakh, Mauhur

Enemies: Eomer's Company

Allies: Ugluk's Trackers, Grishnakh's Company, Mauhur's Lads

Boss: Eomer (6 hearts)

The End of Ugluk

Characters: Eomer, Rider of Rohan

Allies: Eomer's Company

Enemies: Ugluk's Trackers, Grishnakh's Guards and Mauhur's Lads

Bosses: Mauhur (6 hearts), Grishnakh (4 hearts), Ugluk (11 hearts)

The Uruk-Hai Campaign Mode

Two Lost Hobbits

Characters: Merry and Pippin, Treebeard

Type of Level: Puzzle, Skirmish

Enemies: Feral Uruk-Hai

Saving King Theoden

Characters: Gandalf the White, Gimli (no weapons), Legolas (no weapons), Aragorn (no weapons)

Enemies: 10 Soldiers

Boss: Grima Wormtongue (robes) (5 hearts0

Unlocked Characters: the Three Hunters (no weapons), Gandalf the White, King Theoden (robes), Hama

The Warg Attack

Characters: Gimli, Legolas(mounted), Aragorn, Theodorn (mounted)

Enemies: Sharku's Warg Riders

Allies: Riders of Rohan

Boss: Sharku (warg mounted) (7 hearts), Sharku (dragging battle) (6 hearts)

Rally the Dunlendings

Characters: Saruman the White, Vrasku and Thrydan Wolfsbane

Enemies: Rohirrim Scouts

Allies: Dunlendings

Boss:Rohirrim Captain (6 hearts)

The Siege of Helm's Deep Part 1

Characters: The Three Hunters, King Theoden (armour), Eomer, Hama

Enemies: Uruk-Hai, Dunlendings

Allies: Rohirrim Militia and Rohirrim Soldiers

Boss: Uruk-Hai Beserker (6 hearts) , Vrasku (swords) (7 hearts)

The Siege of Helm's Deep Part 2

Characters:The Three Hunters, King Theoden (armour), Eomer. Part 2: Three Hunters, Theoden (armour), Gandalf the White and Erkenbrand

Enemies:Uruk-Hai, Dunlendings, 15 Uruk-Hai Beserkers ( 3 hearts each)

Allies: Riders of Rohan and Militia

The Siege of Helm's Deep Campaign Mode

Levels: 6


Characters; Frodo, Sam, Gollum, Faramir and Damrod

Enemies: Haradrim of the Scorpion Tribe

Allies: Rangers and Madril

Boss: Mumakil (8 hearts)

The Wrath of Shelob

Characters: Part 1; Frodo, Sam. Part 2: Sam (Sting)

Enemies: Shelob Spawn

Setting: Shelob's Cave

Boss: Part 1: Gollum (6 hearts), Part 2: Shelob (9 hearts)

Unlocked Character: Sam (Sting)

The Destruction of Isengard

Characters: Treebeard (mounted with Merry and Pippin), Beechbone, Quickbeam

Enemies: Home Guard Uruk-Hai, Uruk-Hai Crossbowmen (Balefyre arrows)

Hazards: Balefyre Vents, Pits, Fires

Allies: 20 Ents

Bosses: Isengard Troll (7 hearts), Vrasku's Talons (8 hearts), Vrasku (Balefyre Arrows) (6 hearts), The Dam (12 hearts)

The Return Of The King

Saruman, Thou Staff is Broken!!

Characters: Gandalf the White, Theoden (Return of the King)

Level Type: Puzzle, Boss

Setting: Ruined Isengard

Level Description: Find the Potions, then pour them into the cauldrons. Cast the Reveal spell and Saruman will appear on his balcony, he will start hypnotising your men so throw the potions at him as Gandalf. He will send bolts of energy at you then, block them with Gandalf. Battle him with Gandalf until he has one heart left. He will send out a massive energy blast then which will give him 5 extra hearts, then he will send down incredibly powerful attacks. Use Gandalf to beat him down then use the new spell YOUR STAFF IS BROKEN! on him.

Boss: Saruman of Many Colours (7 hearts), Saruman of Many Colours (6 hearts)

The Palantir

Characters: Part 1: Gandalf the White, Gimli, Merry. Part 2: Mind Aragorn (armour)

Setting: Part 1: Hill, Part 2: Mind World

Enemies: Part 1: Mental Attacks, Part 2: Mental Attacks, Orcs, Mental Monsters

Bosses: Part 1: Possesed Pippin (8 hearts), Part 2 : Mind Sauron (10 hearts)

Minas Tirith

Characters: Part 1:Gandalf the White, Peregrin Took Guard of the Citadel. part 2: Peregrin Took Guard of the Citadel, Beregrond.

Setting: Minas Tirith

Level Type: Assemble the Guard, Puzzle.

The Tower of Cirith Ungol

Character: Sam (Sting)

Setting: Cirith Ungol

Enemies:10 Cirith Ungol Orcs, 10 Minas Morgul Orcs

Bosses:  The Three Watchers (4 hearts each), Shagrat (wounded) (7 hearts), Snaga (whip) (5 hearts)


Characters: Faramir (Ranger), Osgilliath Veteran, Madril and Damrod

Setting: Osgilliath

Enemies: Mordor Orcs and Morannon Orcs

Boss: General Gothmog (7 hearts)

The SIege of Minas Tirith Part 1

Characters: Gandalf the White, Faramir (armoured), Minas Tirith Captain

Setting: Minas Tirith, Pellenor Fields

Enemies: Gothmog's Host

Bosses: 3 Trolls (9 hearts, 8 hearts, 7 hearts), General Gothmog (Warg) (10 hearts)

The Paths of the Dead

Characters: Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and The Grey Company (Halbarad, Elladan, Elrohir, 10 Rangers

Setting: Dwimmoburg the Haunted Mountain

Enemies: Warriors of the Dead

Angbor of Lamedon

Characters; Three Hunters,  Halbarad, King of the Dead and Angbor of Lamedon (Humans all mounted)

Setting: Lamedon

Allies: Lamedon Clansmen, Grey Company, 50 Blackroot Vale Warriors

Enemies: Corsairs of Umbar, Corsair Reavers

Bosses: Corsair Bo'sun (5 hearts), Corsair Captain (6 hearts)

Siege of Minas Tirith Part 2

Characters: King Thoeden (Pelenor), Merry (Squire of Rohan), Eowyn (Dernhelm) Part 2: Merry(Squire) and Eowyn (Dernhelm)

Setting: The Pelenor Fields

Enemies: Haradrim, Easterlings, 2 Mumakil (8 hearts)

Bosses: Suladan the Serpent Lord of Harad (7 hearts) Part 2: The Witch-King Of Angmar (12 hearts)

The Siege of Minas Tirith Part 3

Characters: The Three Hunters (Minas Tirith), Halbarad (Standard Bearer), Angbor the Fearless.

Setting: Pelenor Fields

Enemies: Orcs,Haradrim, 3 Mumakil (7 hearts)

Allies: Lamedon's Clansmen, Warriors of Minas Tirith, Army of the Dead, King of the Dead

Bosses: Guritz's Guard (6 hearts), Guritz (6 hearts), General Gothmog (8 hearts)

The Cruelty of Orcs

Characters: Frodo (orc armour), Sam (orc armour)

Setting: Road to Gorgoroth

Objective: Escape the war line.

Hazards: Being trampled by goblins and orc runts, pits, fire vents

The Black Gate Opens

Characters: Gandalf the White, Aragorn ( Heavy Armour), Gimli, Legolas and Eomer.

Setting: The Black Gate and the Plains of Dagorlad

Enemies: The Forces of the Dark Lord

Boss: The Mouth of Sauron (mounted) (7 hearts), The Mouth of Sauron ( 8 hearts)

The End of Sauron

Characters: Split Screen 1: Frodo and Sam (Mount Doom). Split-Screen 2: Same as Previous Level

Setting: Split Screen 1: Mount Doom, The Crack of Doom Chamber

Enemies: Split Screen 2: The Forces of the Dark Lord

Bosses: Split Screen 1: Gollum (6 hearts), Gollum (10 hearts). Split-Screen 2: Troll Chieftain (6 hearts), The Mouth of Sauron (8 hearts)

The Scouring of the Shire Part 1

Characters: The 4 Hobbits (Scouring of the Shire)

Setting: The Shire

Enemies: 20 of Sharkey's Men

Boss: Bill Ferny (gate keeper) (4 hearts)

The Scouring of the Shire Part 2: The Battle of Bywater

Characters: Merry and Pippin (The Scouring of the Shire), Nibs and Jolly (axes) Part 2: Merry (Scouring of the Shire

Setting: Bywater

Enemies: Sharkey's Army

Boss: Part 2: Half-Orc Captain (5 hearts)

The Scouring of the Shire Part 3: The End of Sharkey and Worm

Characters: The Four Hobbits (Scouring of the Shire), Hobbit Archer

Setting:Bag End

Enemies:Ted Sandyman (3 hearts)x3

Bosses: Saruman (Sharkey) (6 hearts), Grima Wormtongue (Worm) (3 hearts)

                                                    The End

The Hobbit Part 1: An Unexpected Journey

Prologue: The Battle of Erebor (The Lonly Mountain)

Characters: Thorin, Balin, Thrain

Allies: Soldiers of Dale, The Warriors of Erebor

Target: Harm Smaug, Save Thror

Boss: Smaug (Shoot arrows at him and slash at his underside) (6 hearts)

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