Lego Marvel:Search Of The Infinity Stones is a game made by TT games.


Captain America and Iron Man fight while Thanos,Armin Zola and Ultron search for the infinity stones.


The Hub is Shield Academy,the computer is the level selector and there's characters around the place that have a mission for you to unlock them. There's a room were you can see how mainly Stan Lee tokens you have.Theres a door leading to the city were you test your vechiles.Your tour guide for inside the Academy is Agent Coulson while outside is Captain Marvel.


Level Name # Charters Bosses
Flash Back 1 Captain America,Bucky,Captain America(Under Water),Bucky(Under Water) Red Skull
Mission in Style 2 Captain America,Halwk Eye and later Iron Man(Mark 7) Bucky(Winter Solider)
Walking Small and Big 3 Ant-Man,The Wasp Yellow Jacket(Inside Thomas The Tank Engine toy)
Iron Man's Party Crash 4 ,Ant-Man,Iron Man(Mark 7),Hulk,Captain America,Thor and Vision Armin Zola Mechi
Roof Top Rumble 5 Iron Man Mark 7,Captain America,Ant-Man,The Vision Ultron Mark 1
Attack At Shield Academy 6 Spider-Man,Agent Venom Ronan the accuser
Civil War 7 Captain America,Bucky Iron Man(Mark 7)
Ruined New York 8 Iron Man,Spider-Man(With Shield) Bucky
Random Fight 9 War Machine,The Vision The Hulk
Fighter! 10 Team 1(Cap's Team),Team 2(Iron Mans Team) Team 1(The Vision),Team 2(Giant Man)
Stopping the war: 11 Nick Fury,The Vision None
All Hail Hydra! 12 Captain America,Spider-Man,Iron Man(Hulk Buster) Armin Zola,Ultron Mark 2
Death Of Cap 13 Iron Man(Caring Captain America Corpses),Agent Carter None
To Space! 14 Iron Man(Space),Hulk(Space),Thor and Tony Starks Rocket Fing Fang Foom
Uh-Oh 15 Captain America,Ant Man,Falcon,Iron Man,Black Widow Ultron Mark 3,Thanos
The True Villain 16 Captain America,Iron Man(Mark 6) Cross Bones,
Black Panther(DLC) 17 Black Panther,Cross Bones(DLC) American Panther
X-Men Cartoon(DLC) 18 Wolverine(Cartoon),The Beast(Cartoon),Cyclopes(Cartoon),Ice Man(Cartoon),Angel(Cartoon),Marvel Girl(Cartoon),Storm(Cartoon) Juggernaut(Cartoon)



Iron Man(Mark 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and Hulk Buster and Space and caring Caps corpse)

Captain America(Normal and Cinematic Universe and Underwater)

Bucky A.K.A The Winter Solider(Police,Normal and Winter Solider and Under Water)

Halwk Eye(Normal and Comics)

Ant-Man(Hank and Scott)

Giant Man Mini Fig

The Wasp(Cinematic and Comics)

Hulk(Bruce Banner and Space)

Thor(Mortal,Crowned and Human)

Vision A.K.A Jarvis

Spider-Man(Peter Parker and with Shield)

Agent Venom(On Wheel Chair,Venom,Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson)

War Machine(James Rhodes)

Black Widow

Agent Carter

Nick Fury(Disguise,With and Without eye patch on)


Free Play:

Red Skull

Yellow Jacket

Shield Agent(Boy and Girl)

Agent Colsoun

Armin Zola(Human and Mechi Mini Fig)

Ultron(Mark 1,2 and 3)

Ronan The asscuer

Fing Fang Foom


Cross Bones(DLC and normal

Black Panther(DLC)

American Panther(DLC)

Panther Minion(DLC)

Quick Sliver(Cartoon(DLC) and Normal)

Scarlet Witch

The X-Men(Cartoon(X-Men) and Normal)

Saber Tooth(Cartoon(DLC) and Normal)

Magneto(Cartoon(DLC) and Normal)

Juggernaut(Cartoon(DLC) and Normal)

Cartoon Henchmen(Old,Boy and Girl)

Hydra Henchmen(Solider and Costumed and Space)

Ultron Clones

Bionic Cyborgs

The Collector

The Grand Master



Star Lord






Iron Spider(In under wear and in Armour)

Green Goblin(Movies,Norman Osborn and Mutated)

Hob goblin(Harry Osborn,Ultimate and Mutated)

Dock Ock(Goblin and Normal)

Mary Jane

Stanley Lee(Stan Buster and normal)


The Thing

Susan Storm

The Human Torch

Doctor Doom

Captain Marvel

Mickey Mouse(Sectert)


Black Panther(Level Pack and Character Pack)

X-Men Cartoon(Level pack and Character Pack)

More To Come!:-)


  • This is Da King Of Sponge Bob Fans first game on the wiki and at fact his first proper section of this Wiki!
  • At the end of the game Iron Man finds Barons lair to get back the mask of Vedox leading up to Lego Dimensions Mark 2.0.

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