Lego Minifigures the video game has all the minifigure series characters

Character Name Weapons Abilities Picture
Caveman Club Can Pull Orange Handles
Cheerleader Pom Poms
Circus Clown Horn
Cowboy Guns Can Shoot Targets
Deep Sea Diver Can Breath Underwater
Demolition Dummy Can Pull Orange Handles
Forestman Bow Can Shoot Targets
Magician Wand Can Build With Certain Blocks
Ninja Ninja Sword


Can Smash Gold Blocks
Nurse Syringe
Robot Can Pull Orange Handles
Skater Skateboard
Spaceman Laser Gun Can Shoot Targets

Can Shoot Blue Blocks

Super Wrestler Can Pull Orange Handles
Tribal Hunter Bow Can Shoot Targets
Zombie Shovel

Chicken Leg

Can Dig

Can Cook Things on a Open Fire

Disco Dude Album Can Dance Under Disco Balls

Can Trade Albums With People

Explorer Magnifying Glass Can Track Things
Karate Master Can Pull Orange Handles
Lifeguard Rescue Buoy Can Breath Underwater
Maraca Man Maraca's Can Dance Under Disco Balls

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