NERDS: National Espionge, Rescue, and Defense Society

chapter 1: bullies vs nerds

cutscene: savage tells brand about the NERDS. summary: the school bullies fight the school nerds charecters: brett bealer, jackson jones. level type: brawl, boss enimies: nerds boss: heathcliff hodges [2 hearts] unlocks: starting charecters, nerd

chapter 2: training with heathcliff

cutscene: jackson gets upgraded and meets the NERDS. summary: heathcliff trains jackson. charecters: braceface, benjamin. level type: puzzle, brawl, enimes: toddlers unlocks: braceface,toddler,benjamin

chapter 3: the xp400

cutscene: braceface deafeats the toddlers and duncan shows him the xp400 ball. summary: braceface hides from the xp400. charecters: braceface, benjamin. level type: puzzle, boss. boss: the xp400 [2 hearts] unlocks: gluestick

chapter 4: wheezer brawl

cutscene: braceface finds the weopons closet. summary: matilda shows braceface the weopons closet. charecters: braceface, benjamin. level type: boss. boss: matilda [3 hearts] unlocks: wheezer

chapter 5: flinchball

cutscene: lie detector with pufferfish. summary: flinch plays catch with braceface. charecters: braceface, benjamin level type: puzzle. car [ 3 hearts] unlocks: pufferfish, flinch,hyena endscene: the NERDS meet the hyena.

chapter 6: simon

cutscene: heathcliff is revealed to be simon. summary: simon vs braceface charecters: braceface and the hyena. level type: boss bosses: goon [3 hearts] dr jigsaw [3 hearts] simon [6 hearts] unlocks: goon, dr jigsaw, simon, choppers. endscene: choppers dies

NERDS 2: M is for mama's boy

chapter 1: captain justice

cutscene: the goon awakes with a hook and and simon is reavealed to be alive. summary: albert becomes captain justice to call the police because simon is robbing a bank. charecters: captain justice, policeman. level type: puzzle, boss boss: squirells [2 hearts] unlocks: goon[hook], albert, captain justice, policeman, simon[vs2] endscene: simon recruits albert.

chapter 2: investiogations

cutscene: brand and holiday take a look at albert's room. charecters: mrs. holiday,agent brand. level type: puzzle. unlocks:, agent brand. endscene: they call in the NERDS.

chapter 3: underwater brawl

cutscene: captain justice collects data. summary: NERDS vs team simon. charecters: gluestick,braceface. level type: puzzle,boss. boss: octo-subarine[4 hearts] unlocks: squirells.

chapter 4: storming simon's base

cutscene: the NERDS storm simon's flying base. charecters: gluestick,benjamin. level type: puzzle, brawl, boss. bosses: captain upgrade[6 hearts], simon[2 hearts] enimies: squirells. unlocks: captain upgrade. endscene: simon's teeth fall out.

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