LEGO pairs of Kings The Video Game is based on Lego and the show Pair of Kings


The Return of Kings

Characters: Brady, Boomer (also in level as cornation), Lanny, Mikayla, Mason ......Enemies:Trarantula people....... Story: Brady and Boomer are fighting so stop them, then try to get out of quicksand, get the dimond. yamashi's Rescue (based on No Kings Allowed)

Characters: Brady ( Theft, Riptide), Boomer (Theft, Riptide)

Enemies: Riptides

Boss: Hawk Story: Paper castel, steel Yamacoshi, Defeat Riptide.

Characters n episoe you can buy: Hawk, Lanny (Cat suit)

Journey to the Center of Mt. Spew (based on episode of same name)

Characters: Boomer (Slip Shoes), Lanny, Brady (Mt.Spew), Mason, Mikayla (Birthday)

Object needed: Scroll Story: Lanny, Mikayla, and Mason search for the twins, The twins battle the oracle Boss: Oracle

The Sleeping Warrior (based on Sleepless in the Castle)

Character: Brady (Ninja, Party.), Boomer (Party), Lanny Story: Brady and Boomer battle Muhumma, Brady and Boomer try to knock out Mason

Boss: Muhumma (Boomer mask;5 hearts), Mason (possessed)+Mr. Tickles (Both 4 hearts)

Goulash for an Ogre (based on Cooks can be Decieving)

Characters: Brady, Boomer, Spatula Jones (also as Island) Story: Try to make the food, then defeat the Giant Boss:Giant (dodge breathe and feed him Gulasue)

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