Lego pharaoh's quest episode 101:25

Lego pharaoh's quest episode 1

Sneak Peak of the Game

Lego Pharaohs Quest the video game is a game based on the lego Pharaohs Quest.

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Scrab Attack

Players: Jack Raines

Boss: Scrab - 3 hearts

Reward: Golden Crystal

Golden staff Guardians

Players: Mac Mcloud

Enemies: Mummy Warriors

Reward: Golden staff

Flying Mummy Attack

Players: Jack Raine's Plane

Enemies: Flying Mummy's

Reward: Diamond

Cursed Cobra Statue

Players: Jack Raines, Helena Tova

Boss: Cursed Cobra Statue - 3 hearts, Mummy Charmer - 4 hearts

Reward: Shield

Rise of the Sphinx

Players: Jack Raine

Bosses: Mummy Warriors - 1 heart each, Sphinx - 3 hearts

Reward: Golden Sword

Scorpion Pyramid

Players: Jack Raine, Mac Mcloud, Professor Archibald Hale

Enemies: Anubis Guards

Bosses: Flying Mummy - 3 hearts, Scorpion - 4 hearts, Pharaoh Amset-Ra - 12 Hearts

Reward: Golden Nemes

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Jack Raine - Gun

Mac Mcloud - Rifle, Super Strength

Professir Archibald Hale - Pickaxe, can figure out puzzles

Helena Tova - Gun

Scrab - Claws

Mummy Warrior - Sword

Flying Mummy - Spear, Flying power

Mummy Charmer - Can Hypnotise

Anubis Guard - Staff, Super Strength

Pharaoh Amset-Ra - Staff


Mac's Motorcycle

Jack Raine's Plane

Desert Truck




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